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Dwyer Model 460 Air Meter

A Low Cost, Direct Reading Instrument Used for Both Air Velocity and Static Pressure Tests

Simple and quick, the No. 460 Air Meter is popular for servicing air conditioning, heating and ventilating equipment. Direct reading velocity and static pressure scales - both low and high ranges - show supply and return grille velocities, furnace draft, pressure drop across filters, etc. The 460 gives consistent, accurate results with no tedious calibration. Rugged plastic for rough daily use. Dual velocity ranges read 260-1200 and 1000-4000 fpm; pressure ranges from .005-.09 and .05-1.0 inches w.c.

Complete Kit includes air meter, return and supply grille probes, angle connector, cleaning materials, instruction card, air velocity calculator, carrying case and one extra plastic ball in plastic tube.

Model 460
Complete Kit
A-378 - Tube of 3 replacement floats
A-381 - Cleaning kit including 3 anti-static chemically treated pipe stem cleaners and nylon high range orifice cleaner
A-379 - Supply grill probe A-380 - Return grill probe
Model Number Description
 460 Air Meter, Complete Kit
Model Number Description
 A-378 Tube of 3 Replacement Floats for No. 460
 A-379 Supply Grill Probe for No. 460
 A-380 Return Grill Probe for No. 460
 A-381 Cleaning Kit Including 3 Anti-static Chemically Treated Pipe Stem Cleaners and Nylon High Range Orifice Cleaner for No. 460
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