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Series 2000 AV

Portable Magnehelic® Pressure/Air Velocity Gage

Use with Pitot tube for air velocity measurement or without for pressure measurement. Easy and quick to use, Portable Magnehelic® Gages with dual scale are less sensitive to level than liquid gages, yet offer accuracy to ±2% over the full scale¹. Air Velocity Scale provides direct reading for standard air without conversions. They are handy to use on a ladder or in confined locations encountered in field testing. Dwyer magnetic linkage provides exceptionally responsive, consistently accurate indication of air velocity, positive, negative or differential pressures in air and non-corrosive gases. Pointer movement is inertia-free and drift-free. Highly resistant to shock and vibration.

Portable Magnehelic Unit includes:
Choice of 5 models - Scales from 0-.25" w.c., 300-2000 fpm to 0-10" w.c., 2000-12,500 fpm. Maximum total pressure rating 15 psig. Ambient temperature range 30 to 140°F. Aluminum stand iridite-dipped; gage has baked gray hammerloid finish. Furnished in gray plastic carrying case. Connections include 1/8" NPT high and low pressure taps, duplicated-one pair side and one pair back. Two 1/8" NPT plugs included. Rubber Tubing and Adapters - One 9 ft. length of 3/16" ID tubing, terminal tube and two pipe thread to tubing adapters.

¹ 2000-00 - ±4% accuracy; 2000-0 - ±3% accuracy

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