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Model 470-1 - Handheld Thermal Anemometer

Measures Air Velocity to 6,000 Feet Per Minute, ±5 Accuracy, Low Cost

The versatility of the Dwyer Model 470-1 Handheld Thermal Anemometer makes it ideal for a wide range of air velocity measurements. Easy to carry and use in the field, the 470-1 can be used to balance heating and air conditioning systems, measure velocity in HVAC ducts, read fume and exhaust hood face velocities, as well as make wind speed measurements associated with agricultural, forestry, highway and recreational activities. This low cost battery powered electronic instrument features an LED low-battery indicator and provides two switch selected air velocity ranges of 0-600 FPM and 500-6000 FPM displayed on an easily read analog meter.

Sophisticated temperature compensation circuitry maintains ±5% of full range accuracy over an air stream temperature of 30°F to 180°F. Included are two 9 volt alkaline batteries, a wrist strap for the unit and a durable polypropylene, foam-lined carrying case.

Service: Air.
Accuracy: ±5% FS.
Temperature Limits: 32 to 180°F (0 to 82.2°C).
Ambient Temperature Limits: 32 to 160°F (0 to 71.1°C).
Display: Analog dial.
Response Time: 1 sec. for velocity change; 5 sec. for temperature change (in air moving over 50 FPM).
Power Requirements: Two 9 volt alkaline batteries.
Probe: 316 stainless steel, 10" long by 5/16" diameter with 8" insertion depth scale and tip shield.
Weight: 13 oz (unit only); 1 lb 9 oz (in carrying case).
Popular Models:
Model 470-1 dual range, 0-600 and 500-6000 FPM
Model M470-1 dual range, 0-3 and 2-30 MPS
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