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Dwyer Series PF - Precision FlowT Air Velocity Transmitter

High Accuracy, 0.2 Second Response, 4 to 20 mA Output

Precision FlowT Air Velocity Transmitters directly monitor gas mass flow rates of free air flows or single point flows in pipes, ducts and stacks. The 4 to 20 mA output signal is linearly proportional to gas mass velocity without additional compensation needed for pressure and temperature variations. The 304 SS insertion probe contains a velocity sensor to monitor mass flow and a temperature sensor to automatically correct for temperature changes. The probe is directly mounted to a NEMA 2 anodized aluminum enclosure. Popular models are calibrated for air. See Dimensions

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); hood and gas cabinet monitoring; cleanroom and cleanbench face velocity monitoring.
Service: Air, nitrogen, or non-corrosive, non-combustible gases.
Wetted Materials: 304 SS probe, glass coated sensor, epoxy.
Accuracy: ±1% FS, ±0.5% of reading over 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C) and 5 to 30 psia (0.35 to 2 kg/cm²).
Repeatability: 0.2% F.S.
Temperature Limits: -40 to 250°F (-40 to 121°C).
Pressure Limits: 150 psig (10 kg/cm² G) max.
Power Requirements: 15 to 18 VDC, 300 mA max.
Output: 4 to 20 mA, linear.
Response Time: 0.2 seconds to 63% of final velocity value.
Loop Resistance: 400 O max.
Electrical Connection: Four wire standard connector.
Probe Dimensions: 1/4" (6.35 mm) OD, 13" (33 cm) length.
Operating Temperature: 32 to 122°F ( 0 to 50°C).
Weight: 0.7 lb (0.30 kg).
Suggested Specifications:
Air velocity transmitter shall be an insertion type mass flow meter with accuracy of ±1% FS, +0.5% of reading and a 0.2 second response time. Transmitter shall provide a 4-20 mA output signal linearly proportional to gas mass velocity. Insertion probe shall be constructed of 304 SS with a glass coated sensor assembly. Electronics shall be housed in a NEMA 2 enclosure. Air velocity transmitter shall be Dwyer Model No. PF____.
Popular Models:
Model Number Range
 PF1300202 0 to 2000 SFPM
 PF1300204 0 to 4000 SFPM
 PF1300206 0 to 6000 SFPM