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Dwyer Series ST Surface Mount Thermometer

2" Dual Scale Dial, ±2% Full Scale Accuracy

Measure the temperature of boilers, air ducts, motors, bearings, furnaces or other surfaces with Series ST Surface Mount Thermometers. Dual magnet design allows easy mounting on any ferrous surface. Bi-metallic thermal sensing coil provides quick temperature measurement with ±2% full scale accuracy.

See Dimensions

Accuracy: ±2% full scale.
Sensing Element: Bimetal coil.
Response Time: Approximately one minute.
Head Size: 2" (5.08 cm).
Mounting: Two Alnico® magnets on back.
Materials of Construction: Aluminum with optically clear crystal.
Head Size: 2" (5.08 cm).
Height: 2" (1.27 cm).
Weight: 2 oz (56.7 g).
Manifolds, platens, boilers, air ducts, furnaces, engines, motors, bearings, enclosures, cabinets, drums, plumbing, piping, refrigerators, and other ferrous surfaces.
Popular Models
Model Number Range
 ST250  0 to 250ºF (-20 to 120ºC)
 ST500  0 to 500ºF (-20 to 260ºC)
 ST750  0 to 750ºF (-20 to 399ºC)
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