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Dwyer Series VFA & VFB Visi-Float® Flowmeters

Used to Indicate or Manually Control Air or Water Flow
Dwyer Visi–Float® flowmeter bodies are cut and precision machined from solid, clear acrylic plastic blocks. This construction not only produces a handsome finished product, but permits complete visual inspection. As a result, the Dwyer Visi-Float® flowmeters are especially popular for medical and laboratory equipment applications.

Scales are easy to read - The front scale location and white background provides excellent visibility. The direct reading scales are hot stamped into the plastic and will not wear off. Mid-range calibration is established with a master flowmeter. Accuracy is ±5% of full scale for VFA models, ±3% for VFB. Scales average 2" long on the VFA models, 4" long on VFB.

Durable and attractive construction - The machined acrylic bodies of the Dwyer Visi-Float® flowmeters are practically unbreakable. Fabrication is backed by over 60 years of experience in acrylic instrument machining. The tapered bore is precision machined to a smooth surface that provides perfect visibility of the indicating float. The VFA and VFB models are available with either brass or stainless steel inlet and outlet connections and are tapped for 1/8" NPT thread. VFB models 85 and 86 have either 1/4" back or 3/8" end connections. All standard models employ Buna-N o-rings for leak proof operation and are available with either back or end connections for horizontal or vertical piping. Precision metering valves in brass or stainless steel are available for most VFA and VFB models. See Dimensions

Service: Compatible gases and liquids.
Wetted Materials:
Body: Acrylic plastic.
O-ring: Buna-N (Viton® available).
Metal Parts: Brass standard, stainless steel optional.
Float: Stainless steel, black glass, aluminum, K Monel depending on range.
Temperature & Pressure Limits:
Without Valve: 100 psig (6.9 bar) @ 150°F (65°C); 150 psig (10 bar) @ 100°F (38°C).
With Valve: 100 psig (6.9 bar) @ 120°F (48°C).
Accuracy: VFA = 5% of full scale; VFB = 3% of full scale.
Process Connection: 1/8" female NPT. VFB ranges 85 and 86 have 1/4" NPT back connections or 3/8" NPT end connections. These ranges not available with brass valves.
Scale Length: VFA 2" typical length; VFB 4" typical length.
Mounting Orientation: Mount in vertical position.
Weight: VFA: 4.0-4.8 oz (.11-.14 kg); VFB: 7.2-8.8 oz (.20-.25 kg).
Easy installation
All Visi–Float® flowmeters have metal mounting inserts on rear for panel mounting. They can also be supported directly by system piping.
OEM specials
Special flowmeter designs can be supplied to meet a wide range of requirements and specific applications. These include: on-off plunger and push-to-test valves, special gas or fluid calibration, special ranges, scales, name brand or other identification. Pointer flags can be furnished for instant visual reference. For specific information, please supply an outline of your requirements.
Special Multi-Column Visi-Float Flowmeters
Perfect for OEM applications, Visi-Float flowmeters can be custom made with up to 10 columns in a single block of acrylic plastic. Available with or without valves. Consult factory for more information.
How To Order
1. Series -- Range No. -- Valve -- Option
Series VFA with 20-200 SCFH Air Range & Brass Valve.
Model VFA - 2" Scale   Model VFB - 4 " Scale
Model Number Range
 VFA-1 .1-1 SCFH Air
 VFA-2 .2-2 SCFH Air
 VFA-3 .6-5 SCFH Air
 VFA-4 1-10 SCFH Air
 VFA-5 2-20 SCFH Air
 VFA-6 4-30 SCFH Air
 VFA-7 5-50 SCFH Air
 VFA-8 10-100 SCFH Air
 VFA-9 20-200 SCFH Air
 VFA-21 .06-0.5 LPM Air
 VFA-22 .15-1 LPM Air
 VFA-23 .6-5 LPM Air
 VFA-24 1-10 LPM Air
 VFA-25 3-25 LPM Air
 VFA-26 6-50 LPM Air
 VFA-27 10-100 LPM Air
 VFA-32 6-50 CC Water per min.
 VFA-33 10-100 CC Water per min.
 VFA-34 20-200 CC Water per min.
 VFA-41 .6-5 Gal. Water per hour
 VFA-42 2-10 Gal. Water per hour
 VFA-43 3-20 Gal. Water per hour
 VFA-44 8-40 Gal. Water per hour
Model Number Range
 VFB-50 .3-3 SCFH Air
 VFB-91 1-10 SCFH Air
 VFB-51 2-20 SCFH Air
 VFB-52 4-40 SCFH Air
 VFB-53 10-100 SCFH Air
 VFB-54 15-150 SCFH Air
 VFB-55 20-200 SCFH Air
 VFB-90 .3-3 SCFM Air
 VFB-60 100-1000 CC/Min. Air
 VFB-65 .2-4 LPM Air
 VFB-66 1-10 LPM Air
 VFB-67 1-20 LPM Air
 VFB-68 3-30 LPM Air
 VFB-69 4-40 LPM Air
 VFB-82 2-30 CC/Min. Water
 VFB-80 .5-12 GPH Water
 VFB-83 1-20 GPH Water
 VFB-81 6-60 GPH Water
 VFB-85 .2-2 GPM Water
 VFB-86 .5-5 GPM Water
VFA Series Model Numbers
Model Description
VFA-X Standard VFA
VFA-X-SS VFA with SS Metal Wetted Parts
VFA-X-BV VFA with Brass Valve
VFA-X-SSV VFA with SS Valve
VFA-X-EC VFA with End Connections (EC)
VFA-X-EC-SS VFA with EC & SS Metal Wetted Parts
VFB Series Model Numbers
Model Description
VFB-X Standard VFB
VFB-X-SS VFB with SS Metal Wetted Parts
VFB-X-BV VFB with Brass Valve
VFB-X-SSV VFB with SS Valve
VFB-X-EC VFB with End Connections (EC)
VFB-X-EC-SS VFB with EC & SS Metal Wetted Parts
-PF Red ABS Plastic Pointer Flag.
-VIT Viton® O-rings.