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Dwyer Series VIP Valve Position Indicator

Compact, Easy-to-Install, Inductive 3-Wire DC

Save space with the compact, easy-to-install Series VIP Valve Position Indicator. Model VIP11 position sensor mounts directly to your actuator while the position target, Model VIP02, is placed around the actuator stem. As the actuator stem rotates, inductive proximity sensors located within the VIP11 detect the presence of metal targets on VIP02 changing their state. The position sensor (VIP11) includes two normally open, inductive proximity sensors. Two built-in yellow LEDs provide local indication of the switch status. Power "on" is designated by a bright green LED. All electrical connections are made with a 4-pin quick disconnect cable for ease of installation.

Solid state components are fully embedded in an epoxy resin to prevent condensation build-up and protect against vibration or shock. The rugged PBT housing provides excellent corrosion resistance and moisture protection. Units are environmentally protected to IP67. Sensors feature short circuit, overload and reverse polarity protection.  Dimensional Information

Output Operation: Dual normally open PNP transistor, sourcing.
Repeatability: ≤0.01 mm.
Hysteresis: 5%.
Temperature Limits: -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C).
Power Requirements: 10-30 VDC.
Load Current: ≤200 mA.
Leakage Current: ≤1 µA.
Voltage Drop: ≤2 VDC.
Current Consumption: ≤25 mA.
Switching Frequency: 500 Hz.
Electrical Connection: 4-pin quick disconnect.
Mounting Holes: 3.15" x 1.18" (80 x 30 mm).
Shaft Height: 0.79" (20 mm).
Shaft Diameter: 1.34" (34 mm).
Housing Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate.
Popular Models:
Model Number Description
 VIP11 Indicator Sensor; Compact, Easy-to-Install, Inductive 3-wire DC
 VIP02 Indicator Target; Compact, Easy-to-Install, Inductive 3-wire Display
 VIP82 Quick Disconnect Cable, 6 ft Long
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