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Series VPS Valve Position Sensor

Dual Inductive, 2-Wire AC/DC Sensor, Fully Adjustable Target in 2° Increments
The dual inductive, 2-wire AC/DC Series VPS Valve Position Sensor maintains VDI/VDE 3845 dimensions so positioners can be easily mounted on top of the sensor and target. The Model VPS2411 Sensor and Model P1 Target mount easily and directly to actuators with ISO-NAMUR topworks (see picture at left). Fully adjustable target in 2° increments, the sensor has two independent LED's and bright Flow Line indicator that provide local visual indication. All electrical connections are made with the Model VIP82 4-pin quick disconnect cable (6 ft. in length), for ease in installation. Solid state components are fully embedded in an epoxy resin to prevent condensation build-up and to protect against vibration and shock. The rugged PBTP housing provides excellent corrosion resistance and moisture protection. Dimensional Information
Supply Voltage: 20-140 VAC (50/60 Hz), 10-200 VDC.
Output Operation: Dual normally open NPN (current sinking).
Load Current: ≤200 mA.
Minimum Load Current: 5 mA.
Leakage Current: ≤0.8 mA.
Voltage Drop: ≤5.0 V.
Repeatability: ≤0.01 mm.
Hysteresis: 3-15% of sensing range.
Switching Frequency: 25 Hz.
Temperature Limits: -13 to 176°F (-25 to 80°C).
Housing Material: Polybutlene Terephthalate.
Mounting Holes: NAMUR Mounting: 5.118" x 1.18" (130 x 30 mm).
Electrical Connection: 4-pin quick disconnect.
Popular Models:
Model Number Description
 VPS2411 Valve Position Sensor
 P1 Valve Position Target
 VIP82 Quick Disconnect Cable
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