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Jerguson SAS-16 Point Level Switch

The Jerguson Magnicator II point level switches are fully adjustable and non-invasive. Switch points can be changed easily without any interruption to the visual indication or process.  The bias magnet design latches the switch maintaining the contact after the level continues to rise or fall.  All switches are mercury free and environmentally safe.

This switch mechanism is based on a unique Jerguson three dimensional magnet design where the snap action is accomplished by the utilization of magnetic repulsion. The magnet mounted in the float causes the secondary magnet to rotate as it passes up and down. The switch magnet is repelled by the secondary and snaps to the opposite side. This causes the cradle to pivot, moving the push rod which operate the switch contacts.Larger Image of Switch.

  • Easy Installation - Externally Clamps to Magnicator II Gage Chamber
  • Positive Snap-Action Latching Switch
  • Externally Mounted - No Contact with Process Fluid
  • Fully Adjustable Switch Position
  • Highly Resistant to Vibration
  • Trouble-Free & Repeatable
  • No Springs or Cams
  • This switch can carry a full 16 Amp load to directly control pumps, valves, alarms or other process equipment. Unlike capacitance, conductivity or ultrasonic switches, no power source is required to drive any additional electronic circuitry.
  • Standard enclosure material - anodized aluminum (stainless steel enclosure available).
  • Available with Junction Box: UL Approved for Hazardous Locations - Class I, Div. I, Groups B, C & D (aluminum only).
  • CE Approved - EEx d 11C 250°C (T2)
  • NEMA 4 Watertight
  • Rated 120 VAC, 16 Amp Current Load, SPDT


  1. P/N A25669 Offers 16A SPDT UL / CUL Approved Percentage Scale (0-100%) NEMA 4 / 7 Class 1, Division 1 (Standard)
  2. P/N A26044 Offers 16A SPDT UL / CUL Approved w/ NEMA 4 / 7 Junction Box
  3. P/N A25669-T Offers 16A SPDT UL / CUL Approved w/ 316 SS Housing
  4. P/N A25669-CE Offers 16A SPDT ATEX Approved
  5. P/N A26044-CE Offers 16A SPDT ATEX Approved w/ NEMA 4 / 7 ATEX Approved Junction Box
  6. P/N A26617-CE Offers 16A SPDT ATEX Approved w/ Gold Contacts