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Magnicator Float and Chamber

Your demanding application deserves a gage with the guts to stick it out for a long, long time. In addition to complying with ASME B31.1 for power piping and ASME B31.3 for process piping, all Magnicator® II Magnetic Level Gages incorporate additional design and construction benefits you will not find on any comparable product:

Schedule 40 Chamber Construction is Standard
Most other magnetic level gages are offered as Sch 10, with an upgrade to Sch 40 available. Since most plant piping specifications prohibit Sch 10 pipe, this can be misleading. The difference between Sch 10 and Sch 40 is substantial, with a lower pressure rating and a much greater chance of damage during shipping, handling and construction. For even higher pressures, we offer Sch 80 and Sch 160 chambers (see page 11 for details). This is directly related to the strength of our patented float magnet assembly. No other magnetic level indicator can function as reliably with such robust piping.

Smooth Autogenous Welds
All Magnicator II floats have full penetration autogenous welds. This means an orbital welding machine has fusion-welded the two halves using only heat and no filler metal. This process (the same used for high purity and sanitary tubing) produces an ultra-smooth weld, without a bead which could interfere with the float’s motion.
  • All Schedule 40 Construction Minimum
  • 2-1/2" SCH 40 with RF Flanges
  • 1/2"FNPT Vent & Drain Connections
  • All Flanges & Fittings Rated For Process Conditions
  • Connections: 1/2" Thru 6"
  • Pressure Ratings: Up to 5600 PSIG
  • Temperature Ratings: - 150ºF to 1000ºF
  • Specific Gravity Range: Down to .32
  • All Welding Performed By ASME Sec. IX Certified Welders
  • Standard Material: 304SS
  • Other Non-Magnetic Materials Are Available

* Other Choices Include: Aluminum, 304SS, 316SS, 321SS, 317SS, Alloy 20, Monel, Titanium, Hastelloy® B, Hastelloy® C, CPVC, PVDF Kynar, Teflon

FlashProof Magnicator Option
Avoid false readings in boiling fluids and eliminate crushed floats due to flashing.

The Jerguson FlashProof design addresses two potential problems that may occur with standard level indicators: boiling fluids and flashing vapors. By employing a larger (3") Schedule 40 pipe (chamber) and two internal guide rods, entrained gases that build up under the float can harmlessly escape. The float is held to one side of the chamber to insure an optimized magnetic field in close proximity to the indicator, transmitter and/or switches. This provides an accurate float level and indicator reading.

Boiling fluids can cause the float to sink in a traditional level indicator. This situation is common when there are substantial temperature differences between the fluid in a vessel and the fluid in a gage. For example, cold liquid inside the vessel while the liquid inside the gage heats up on a hot summer day.

On the other hand, flashing vapors can cause a float to accelerate upwards rapidly, crashing into the top of the chamber due to depressurization. This can result in the float being crushed.

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