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Compare Magnetic Gages With Armored Gages

Feature: Armored Gage Glass Magnetic Gage
Temperature: Cryogenic to 800 F(427 C) Cryogenic to 1000 F(538 C)
Pressure: Full Vacuum to 10,000 PSI Full Vacuum to 5,500PS
  Full Vacuum to 690 bar Full Vacuum to 379 bar
Indication: Direct Indirect Ref. ASME Interpretation: I-92-96, Section I, PG-60.2
Remote Indication/Switching: Difficult Easy
Specific Gravity: N/A Must Be Stable
Purchase Cost: Generally Lower Generally Higher
Spare Parts : Interchangeable Float for each application
Visibility Range: Sectional gaps 1.5in.(38 mm) Continuous to approx. 16ft(4.9 m)
Weight: Heavy Light
Materials : Carbon and Stainless Steels Special alloys possible May be expensive Must be non-ferritic pipe float material per application Predictable
Space Requirements : Predictable Allowance for submerged float must be considered
Maintenance: Periodic per application Rebuild required Periodic per application Replace float
Maintenance Cost: Generally Higher Generally Lower
Visibility: Reflex - Easy Transparent-Harder, Should use illumination Easy