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Dwyer Series 100 AV Durablock® Air Velocity Gage Kits

Suitable for Total Pressures to 100 psig (6.89 bar), Temperatures to 150°F (65.6°C)

Designed to measure air velocity, static pressure, vacuum or differential pressure, where the additional range of the 400 Series gages is not required. Series 100 Gages offer superb accuracy combined with portability. In Dwyer's Durablock® precision machined solid acrylic plastic construction, the wells and inclined bore are machined to tolerances of ±.0002".

Complete Air Velocity Kits Include:
Dwyer Inclined Manometer, stainless steel Pitot tube (12" with Models 102 AV & 115 AV, 24" with Model 125 AV), two 9' lengths of rubber tubing with connectors, additional red gage oil, instruction card H-7, Bulletin H-11 and magnetic mounting clips, air velocity calculator slide rule and carrying case, (plastic with models 102 and 115, steel with model 125).

115-AV 115-AV Kit
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