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Dwyer Series MVT - Mini-Vane Thermo-Anemometer

Display Air Flow, Air Velocity and Temperature, Telescoping Mini-Vane, RS232 Output
Sense air velocity, air flow and temperature with the Series MVT Mini-Vane Thermo-Anemometer. The meter uses a 1/2" (12.7 mm) diameter metal telescoping antenna sensor to detect air flows up to 2358 ft/min and temperatures to 176°F (80°C). High accuracy is ensured with the low friction ball bearing mini-vane. Air flow can be measured in CMM (m³/min) or CFM (ft³/min) and temperature is selectable °F or °C. The MVT features a 4-digit LCD display, data hold, record/recall maximum and minimum, RS232 output, averaging up to 20 measurements, 2/3 the measured value and auto shut-off to prolong life. The unit includes telescoping mini-vane probe, hard case, 9V battery and protective rubber holster with stand. See Dimensions
Air Velocity Ranges: 160 to 2358 ft/min; 1.8 to 26.8 mph; 1.6 to 23.3 knots; 0.8 to 12.00 m/s; 2.8 to 43.2 km/h.
Temperature Ranges: 32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C).
Accuracy: Air Velocity: ±2%; Temperature: 1.5°F (0.8°C).
Resolution: 1 ft/min; 0.1 mph; 0.1 knots; 0.01 m/s; 0.1 km/h; 0.001 to 100 CMM/CFM; 0.1 °F/°C.
Temperature Sensor: Thermistor.
Ambient Operating Temperature: Meter: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C); Sensor: 32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C).
Ambient Operating Humidity: Maximum 80% RH.
Display: Dual function 0.5" (13 mm) 4-digit LCD.
Sampling Rate: 1 second approx.
Output: RS232 PC serial interface with 16-bit data stream output.
Power Requirements: 9V battery (included).
Auto Shut-off: 15 minutes to preserve battery life.
Housing: ABS housing.
Telescoping Sensor Length: 23.6" (600 mm) max. with 39" (1 m) cable.
Weight: 1.6 lb (700 g) including battery and probe.
Agency Approval: CE.
Model Number Description
 MVT176 Mini-Vane Thermo-Anemometer
 MVT176-N Mini-Vane Anemometer with NIST
Model Number Description
 MVT07 Mini-Vane Anemometer Soft Case
 MVT08 Mini-Vane Anemometer Hard Case
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