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Steam Jet Heaters

Steam Jet Heaters utilize the principal to mix steam with a cold liquid uniformly. Operation is efficient because the heat in the steam is absorbed by the liquid being heated to approximately 10% of liquid saturation temperature. The jet action produces agitation and circulation, eliminating the need for other equipment to accomplish these functions in most applications.

Basically, all of these Jet Heaters have a nozzle or orifice arrangement, a diffuser, and body (which in some cases consists only of bracing to hold nozzle and diffuser in position). In operation, jet heaters use steam (or steam and water under pressure) as the motive force to entrain, mix with, heat, and pump (or circulate) the suction liquid.

The liquid under pressure attains a high velocity passing through the nozzle. Steam enters through a series of nozzles in the combining tube and an intimate mixing of the liquid and steam occurs in the throat region. The liquid absorbs all of the heat of the steam. Under normal conditions no loss in water pressure occurs. In certain cases, this water can be operated against back pressures higher than either the supply water pressure or steam pressure.

These heaters can eliminate mechanical pumps, resistance or bayonet heaters and containment vessels. These units have a low initial cost, limited moving parts and are easy to install and require little or no maintenance.

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Pipeline Heaters Principle of Operation:
Simplex pipeline heaters combine liquid under pressure with steam at a higher pressure. Pressurized liquid enters the heater and flows through an in-line perforated combining tube concentric to the diffuser. Steam enters the heaters and intimately mixes with the liquid in the tube & venturi. The steam complete condenses and heats the liquid. There is no pressure drop across the heater.
Tank Steam Heaters :

Tank Steam Heaters are used in vessels where the direct contact of steam with the liquid to be heated is compatible with the process. Tank heaters provide economical heating as well as thorough agitation of the liquid.  Tank steam heaters submerged directly into the liquid to be heated.  There is no practical limitation to the volume that can be heated.  Tank steam heaters offer improved performance over conventional sparger pipes and provide more vigorous agitation using fewer pipe openings.  The large open suction passages of the tank steam heater accommodate clean liquids as well as slurries.

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