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Emergency Chlorine Scrubbers

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The Ejector Venturi Chlorine Scrubber has gained wide acceptance commercially and industrially as an efficient and low cost means of air pollution control. Emergency Scrubber
Principal of Operation
Scrubbing liquid is supplied to the motive inlet under pressure. As a result of the large drop in liquid pressure across the nozzle, a high velocity liquid spray exits the nozzle. This atomized liquid provides surface area for transfer of mass from the gas to the liquid phase and allows for capture of particulates from the gas phase due to impaction. In addition, the velocity of the liquid spray creates a negative pressure which pulls gas into the Chlorine Scrubbers.
Low initial cost
Small spatial requirement
A fan is not required to move the gas
Simultaneous removal of gases and particulates
No moving parts
Contaminant recovery/reclamation
Unlimited turndown
Primary Uses
Particulate or dust removal
Scrubbing noxious gases, odors and fumes
Other Uses
Direct Contact Condenser
Gas Cooler
Fan or Gas mover
Process Reactor
Heat Recovery Device
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