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Scrubber Systems

Ejector-venturi gas scrubbers are very effective at removing noxious gases, particulates, odors, fumes and dusts from gas streams. Particulate contaminants are removed through impaction by the high velocity spray of the scrubbing liquid. Gases and odors are eliminated through adsorption and/or chemical reaction between the gases and scrubbing liquid. Using the same basic design, these standard scrubbers can be sized to meet volume requirements from a few CFM to thousands of CFM.

The Type 7014 scrubber-separator is a complete, single stage scrubbing system combining a Type 7010 ejector-venturi scrubber and a Type 7040 separator. This system utilizes the ejector-venturi principle to entrain and scrub large volumes of gas containing fumes, vapors, noxious gases, dusts, odors and particulates, and vent clean, dry gas to the atmosphere. The Type 7014 system is capable of providing efficiencies as high as 99% or more in a single stage system and higher in a multi-stage configuration. Gas handling capacities range from 25 CFM for a 3" scrubber to over 2000 CFM for a 12" scrubber.

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Vent Gas Scrubbers

The Type 7019 vent scrubber system is a compact, lightweight and easy-to-install unit designed for economical and effective control of pollution from low volume sources. Typical applications include pollution from laboratory fume hoods, schools and industrial shops, pilot or bench scale plant equipment and smaller commercial and industrial uses.

These low-cost systems operate on the same ejector-venturi principle as the larger scrubbers, creating their own draft via a high velocity liquid spray, scrubbing fumes, gases, vapor or dusts with efficiencies as high as 99% or more. Low water consumption-a 3" unit will handle 30 CFM of air at 1" WC draft using only 2.6 gpm of water-makes the scrubber economical to operate, comparing favorably with a conventional laboratory aspirator.

Packaged Fume Scrubber System

Packaged fume scrubber systems utilize ejector venturi fume scrubbers in conjunction with a separator-storage tank and a recirculation pump all mounted on a common baseplate. The system creates its own draft by recirculating the liquid from the storage­separator tank through the pump back to the scrubber. The standard package system includes the scrubber, storage­separator tank, recirculation pump, piping and valves. Any additional instrumentation can easily be added. Materials of construction include steel, stainless steel, FRP, PVC and Haveg. Reservoirs, pumps, and piping are supplied in material compatible with service requirements.

These packaged systems are easily modified and can be custom designed to include multi-stage ejector venturis and ejector venturis in series with counter-current packed tower scrubbers for ultra high removal efficiencies.

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