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Solids Conveying Eductors

NCI solids conveying eductors are used to economically transport free flowing solids, powders and slurries with an available liquid or gas pressure source. Solids can be transported for distances up to 400 feet pneumatically and farther using water or other liquid as a transport medium. NCI's scope of supply ranges from a single eductor to packaged eductor mixing stations, feed systems and conveying networks with ancillary equipment such as pumps, fans, hoppers, separators, receivers, piping, ductwork, control panels, valves and gauges for a complete skid mounted assembly.

Solids conveying eductors are used to mix powders with liquids to make solutions or to convey various materials. Some materials handled include ash, sugar, gloves, activated carbon, drilling mud, plastic pellets, trim, lime, sludge, talc, grain, salt, ion exchange resins, alumina, quartz, plastic regrind, diatomaceous earth, ice cream mix, food ingredients and numerous other substances.

Like many ejectors, solids eductors create a slight vacuum at the suction inlet. This eliminates the "fines blow-back" associated with the positive pressure found in blower conveying. The reduction of dust results in a cleaner work environment and often eliminates the requirement for operators to use safety equipment that can hinder worker efficiency.

An NCI solids conveying eductor is an ideal alternative to expensive and maintenance intensive motor driven rotary feed valves and conveyor belts. They can be supplied in erosion resistant materials for a fraction of the cost of mechanical conveying equipment. The simplicity of a design with no moving parts further reduces maintenance costs and makes our solids eductors ideally suited for explosive environments.

NCI can supply solids eductors in carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics, ni-hard and many other materials depending upon the application requirements.
For more information on the eductor designs NCI is able to supply for solids conveying applications visit our eductor & syphon product page on this site.
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