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Fig. 327 Pipeline and Slurry Heaters

The primary application of the Slurry Heater is in the cooking of grain, mash or starch slurry. Other applications vary from simple pumping of semi-solids to process applications involving reactions caused by addition of steam.
These heater are made of cast iron or bronze. They can be made of other materials on order. Size 1-1/4" through 4" have threaded connections. The 6 and 8 inch sizes have flanged connections for suction and discharge.
Cold slurry to be heated is pumped from a container into the heater. Steam enters the heater through the other inlet. An intimate mixing of the slurry and the steam occurs in the venturi throat and the slurry absorbs the heat of the steam. The hot slurry is discharged from the discharge connection for further processing. A regulator in the steam line controls the pressure of the live steam admitted.
Slurry heaters are installed directly in pipelines.