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Steam Jet Syphons

We offer a complete line of eductors and syphons in a wide range of sizes and materials to satisfy a variety of process needs. We can also provide custom engineered designs for your unique application requirements. The following is a brief overview of our eductor and syphon product line. For more complete information on our eductors and syphons, fill out our online application data sheet to submit a specific information request. See Larger Image Of Eductor
Eductors and syphons are ejector venturi devices that utilize a high pressure motive fluid to lift, entrain, and pump a lower pressure liquid. Liquid jet eductors utilize water or other liquid as the motive fluid in various mixing and pumping applications. Steam jet syphons use steam as the motive source and are employed in various pumping, priming, sampling, and heating applications.
We can also supply tank mixing eductors and eductors used to convey solids with motive liquid, air or other gas.

Eductors and syphons often provide an economical alternative to conventional pumps. With no moving parts, they eliminate the constant maintenance and down time associated with mechanical devices. Since they do not require elictricity, eductors and syphons are ideally suited for explosion proof and remote installations where a mechanical pump is not practical or cost effective. Since eductors and syphons can be constructed from erosion or corrosion resistant materials, they can also provide a less expensive alternative to mechanical pumps in highly erosive or corrosive situations.

Eductors and syphons are easy to install and operate. They are self-priming and can be used in either continuous or intermittent operation. With the addition of simple controls, eductors and syphons can also be easily adapted for automatic operation.

Our standard eductors and syphons (up to 1-1/2") in size are stocked and cast in 316 stainless steel and Carbon Steel. Units 2" and larger are typically fabricated. Standard units consist of a one-piece body and tail with a removable nozzle. Three motive nozzles are available for each stocked size to satisfy a wide range of application requirements. We can also supply eductors and syphons in other metals such as carbon steel, Monel, Hastelloy and titanium as well as plastics such as PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, Kynar and Teflon. Connections are typically threaded or flanged, but other connections such as socket or butt weld, sanitary or quick disconnects can be supplied.
Specialized Designs
We are able to provide special designs to fulfill unique application requirements such as:
Sanitary eductors and syphons have sanitary connections and a sanitary finish inside and outside for use in food grade applications. They are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel.
Plastic Lined Fittings (PLF)
PLF eductors and syphons are constructed using thermoplastic inserts machined to fit standard lined pipe fittings. They are typically used in highly corrosive applications where structural integrity is also a prime concern. They are available in Teflon, PVC, polypropylene, and Kynar.
Ceramic Lined
Ceramic lined eductors and syphons offer an erosion resistant design. They consist of a removable ceramic nozzle, a fixed body and a venturi tail with a carbon steel external housing. This construction provides the structural integrity of steel with the erosion resistance of ceramic.
Plastic eductors and syphons are also used in corrosive applications and are constructed in PVC, CPVC, Kynar (image at right), and polypropylene. See Larger Image Of Kynar Eductor
Injector Venturi Syphon
Injector venturi syphons are used in applications requiring the injection of a small amount of gas or liquid into a pressurized liquid stream. They can be supplied in a wide range of construction materials.
Jet Mini Eductor

Jet mini eductors pump liquids or gases using pressurized liquid or compressed air as the motive fluid. They are used where an air or liquid motive source is available and where high suction flow rates are not required. Jet mini eductors are machined from bar or cast and are available in any machineable material.

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