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Attemperator Desuperheaters

Attemperator Desuperheaters reduce steam temperature by bringing superheated steam into direct contact with water. The steam is cooled through the evaporation of the water.

Attemperators can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and are normally used for relatively steady load conditions where pressure losses must be minimized. These desuperheaters are a modification of the venturi-type unit, without the venturi tail, and offer increased turndown when mounted vertically up.

Water enters the attemperator and is preheated in the circulatory chamber around the water diffuser tube. It is then introduced in many small jets to assist final atomization by the steam flow through the center of the throat. After leaving the throat, the mixture of steam and water enters the main steam flow in a fog-like condition where final heat transfer is achieved without contacting the sidewalls-providing maximum desuperheating effectiveness with minimum of pipe wear. Water pressure into the attemperator should equal steam line pressure.

While it is less costly and has negligible pressure losses, it normally does not have the rangeability of the venturi-type unit. Actual turndown ratio is dependent upon a wide variety of factors, such as installation, amount of residual superheat downstream, piping, etc. Normal flow variation is 75 % to 15 of flow.

Construction, Sizes and Ratings
Type 6952- 2" thru 24" cast carbon or alloy steel construction in ratings up to 600 lb., stainless steel internals. Type 6953- 3" thru 24" fabricated carbon or alloy steel construction with pipe, forgings, flanges etc. in ratings up to 1500 lb., stainless steel internals. For sizing information refer to engineering data supplement.
Types to Select from:
Type 6952 is clamped and bolted between customer's standard raised face flanges.
Type 6953-A is a fabricated attemperator and is welded into and supported by customer's piping.
Type 6953-C is a fabricated attemperator and is flanged and supported by customer's piping.
Type 6953-D is also a fabricated attemperator and is mounted on a blind flange for insertion through customer's flanged connection.
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