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Quality Products & Systems For Efficient Oil & Gas Processing "OIL PATCH"

Anderson Separators Company, founded in 1886, provides users worldwide with the complete line of process separation equipment.   Today, the Anderson organization has become a truly international company with diverse manufacturing facilities and offices throughout the world.  Anderson engineered products can be seen in such far reaching places as Offshore Nigeria, Soviet Union, North Sea, Mexico, Canada, Gulf of Mexico, West Texas and just about any place of major importance to the oil and gas industry.

Anderson, a fully integrated designer and fabricator of ASME pressure vessels, supplies separators for the steam, compressed air, petrochemical, and natural gas markets. Anderson offers stock separators for immediate delivery and custom engineered separators and process equipment designed for the industry's most rigorous specifications. Anderson continues to develop new products and solutions for the 21st century.  ISO9001 Certified.

Particle Type
Req'd Removal
Req'd Turndown at
Recom'd Separator
Anderson Model No
  Efficiency Rated Efficiency Type  
Liquids; Liquids & Solids 99% of 10 Micron & Larger Up to 4:1 Centrifugal L, LC, LUS, CL, CEH, EH,TL, HSW, 530
Liquids; Solids; Both 100% of 8 Micron & Larger-Liquids 5:1 Multicyclone AMC
100% of 5 Micron & Larger - Solids (8-45 acfm/tube)
Liquids Only 100% of 8 Micron & Larger 0-110% Rated Flow Vane AVS, AVGS, AVSH
Solids Only 100% of 3 Micron & Larger 0-110% Rated Flow Filter ADGF
Solids, Liquids 100% of 3 Micron & Larger - Liquids/Solids 0-110% Rated Flow Filter AFS
99% of 0.5 - 3 Micron -Solids
Solids, Liquids 99.98% 0.3 Micron &Larger 0-100% Rated Flow Coalesc. Filter ACF


Anderson "Oil Patch" Standard Separators utilize the best devised methods to produce gas-free liquid and liquid-free gas. These are available with pocket vane separation elements and mesh pad coalescers, and employ many physical means in addition to the mist extractor to achieve superior separation. Foremost among these various separation methods are: liquid knock-out, centrifugal force, coalescing action and impingement. The Anderson separators are designed to handle both high and low gas-liquid ratios, depending upon the particular application. Refer to Anderson Bulletins for the AVS, AVGS, and AHV models. Visit Product Page


Anderson Dry Gas Filters and Filter Separators are designed for the high efficiency removal of unwanted contaminants (liquids and solids) from a gas stream. They are particularly well suited for the removal of very small particulate, liquid droplets and aerosols. They are most effective in situations where removal of smaller liquid droplets is necessary, and cannot otherwise be achieved with vane type mist extractors, knitted wire mesh pads or centrifugal separators. The process used in Anderson Filter/Separators is called agglomeration and employs a method which promotes the growth of small liquid droplets (less than 5 microns) to a sufficient particle size so that the liquid can be removed by the separation element. In addition to providing excellent liquid removal and collection, the first stage filters allow for removal of small, dry, solid particulate. For more information refer to the Anderson Bulletins for the ADG, CL and AFS models. Visit Product Page


The Anderson Coalescing Filter is a multi-stage separator that provides maximum solid, liquid and aerosol removal for areas of critical service. The standard designs are commonly used for the separation of all mist and aerosol in the process streams of CO2, Air, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Natural Gas and other gases.. (quick replacement of the coalescing filters is made through an easy access, quick opening closure. Anderson can provide the filter which will meet all design criteria. For more information refer to the Anderson Bulletins for the ACF models. Visit Product Page


Anderson Separators are used in a variety of applications including gathering systems, gas transmission stations, refineries, chemical, petrochemical, gasoline and gas treating plants. The Anderson Entrainment Separators employ all of the physical methods of separation similar to the standard pocket vane separator. However, in this design, a centrifugal type mist extractor is incorporated to provide maximum separation efficiency with a minimum pressure drop to remove line scale, liquids, and other contamination from process gas, steam and air lines. The patented Anderson "Hi-eF"T1 Centrifugal Type Separators have been widely used as an efficient, low maintenance, minimal pressure drop method of separation. The centrifugal separators are ideal in applications with both liquid and solid entrainment. For additional information refer to the Anderson Bulletin series for the L, LC, CL, TL, BI and IM/DIM/ID/DID models. Visit Product Page



Anderson, as a member of the Clark-Reliance Corporation's family of level and flow process solutions, allows one to single source the separator's optional equipment correctly and quickly. This equipment includes:



Anderson Separators are used in a variety of original equipment manufacturer's products in the Oil & Gas Industry. The glycol dehydration skid shown on the right is one example of a satisfied Anderson OEM. Other applications include production/test multiwell separation systems, line heaters, and fuel gas conditioning skids that protect downstream equipment, compressors and gas turbines throughout the world.


Anderson Separator's full line of horizontal combination Separator Traps are a cost effective choice to remove moisture and condensate from compressed air, steam, and gas. The integral trap allows for automatic discharge of collected liquid in a single unit. Anderson's line of combination separator-traps are available off the shelf from any one of our worldwide stocking representatives. Refer to the Anderson Bulletin Series for the HS models for more information.