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Receiver Type LR Separators

wpe1D.gif (13594 bytes)Type LR Separators are receiver type separators custom designed and engineered for handling heavy liquid loads and extremely large slugs of entrainment in vapor or gas handling systems.  Consisting of an Anderson separation element inside a large receiver, the sudden reduction of velocity that occurs once the gas or vapor flow passes the inlet, causes a large percentage of the entrainment to drop to the bottom of the separator.  Any entrainment remaining is virtually eliminated by the centrifugal action of the separator inside the receiver.

Three inlet/outlet configurations are available to meet the widest range of installation requirements.  Other nozzle arrangements are available upon request.  Receiver Type LR Separators are installed in the vertical position only as shown.  All vessels are designed, fabricated, and stamped to ASME Code Sec. VIII, Div. 1 for Unfired Pressure Vessels.

Separators have forged steel flanges and welded steel bodies, and are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or any alloy required for your application.