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The original Patented "Zero Leak" 6-way transfer valve for redundant filter and cooler circuits. The revolutionary resilient sealing shoe guarantees sure shut off and the retracting actuator allows for zero frictional drag on change over.

The HYCOA solution for new duplex filters and coolers and the "Problem Solver" for retrofitting old problem valves.

  • Patented Shoe Seal Provides "Zero Leak"
  • Positive Patented Mechanical Lock down
  • Exceptionally Low Pressure Drop
  • Pressure Ratings to 1600 PSI
  • Valve Sizes 1-1/2" to 10"

HYCOA’s Industrial Series filters are designed and built to ASME Code Section VIII and also in Non-Code versions. Available as simplex or duplex systems, utilizing the patented HYCOA “zero leak” transfer valve. The standard series is built to 150 PSI design pressure with flow capabilities to 300 GPM.

Featuring all welded carbon steel construction with o-ring sealing, these versatile systems provide filtration solutions for a wide variety of industrial and process applications.

Utilizing HYCOA’s versatile pleated paper and pleated synthetic filter elements these filters provide optimum filtration performance.

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HYCOA Filter Elements  

HYCOA manufactures high quality filter, separator, and coalescing elements for applications in the electric power generation, natural gas conditioning, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, biodiesel production, ethanol, methanol, butanol processing, metal working coolants, oil, and gas industries.

HYCOA filtration group provides application assistance for turbine lube oils, natural gas filtration, natural gas separators, natural gas coalescing, plant water, fuel filtration, final product filtration, condensate return, boiler water make up, prefilter RO, pretreatment DI, hydraulic control EHC, amine, glycol, compressor air intake, compressor discharge, oil mist removal, electrical discharge machining EDM, parts washers, cooling water, plating solutions, dielectric oils, generator oils, lubricants, produced water, and lubricants for rotary equipment.

HYCOA provides engineered replacement elements for over 80 brands of filter cartridges / elements, separator elements, and coaleser elements.  HYCOA offers replacement elements for many OEM equipment suppliers.  By utilizing advanced materials and designs; HYCOA manufacturers filter elements that meet or exceed the element we are replacing.  Filter cross reference guide and assistance is available.

HYCOA Transfer Valves See Page
HYCOA's patented "zero leak" transfer valves, the industry leader in specialty transfer valves for ASME strainers, duplex filters and duplex oil coolers. This transfer valve provides the optimum in one valve operation for protective redundant design of lube oil units. The HYCOA transfer valves is the leader in performance and long term, low maintenance service. Meeting all requirements of specifying organizations such as: ASME and API.
  • Patented Design
  • Zero Frictional Drag on Change-Over
  • Revolutionary "Zero Leak" Shoe Seal
  • Exceptionally Low Pressure Drop
  • Applications include: Lube Oil, Fuel & Water
HYCOA Filtration See Page
  • Rugged Fabricated Steel Construction
  • ASME Code Simplex & Duplex Vessels
  • Portable & Stationary Off-Loop Filter Systems
  • Wide Variety of Filter Elements & Efficiencies
HYCOA Hydraulic Systems See Page
  • System Designs to Specification & Application
  • Systems to 5000psi
  • 1/2 to 250 HP Pump Drives
  • Full Turn Key Design Capability
  • Reservoirs to 3000 Gallons in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Electrical Panels and Proportional Electronics
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