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Hycoa Series S Elements - Pleated Synthetic Elements

HYCOA FILTER ELEMENTS HYCOA's 'S" Series synthetic media cartridges are designed for maximum filtration performance in a wide range of oil, water and chemical fluid applications.

These cartridges provide high structural integrity and chemically resistant media to handle tough industrial filtration problems. The advanced me­dia backed by a support screen, alloys the cartridge to resist deterioration and softening caused by long term use in oil, water based and chemical fluids.

The "S" Series elements are recommended for use in critical filtration applications where resistance to the filtered fluid is essential for proper long teen filter performance.

Features & Benefits Performance & Applications
Range of Standard Sizes: (310, 618, 636) Maximum Temperature: 250° F
Heavy gauge ETP steel end caps Minimum Temperature: -20° F
All epoxy bonding of media to end caps Collapse Pressure: 100 PSID
Steel I-Core (100 psi collapse rating) Change-Out Pressure: 25 PSID
Buna-N Gaskets  (Viton Option)  
Nominal Rated Filtration Applications:
  Lube Oil
Efficiency Ratings: Cutting Oil
1/2 uM Fuels
1 uM Hydraulic Oil
3 uM Gear Oil
10 uM Cooling Water
Double box packaging Oil Well Completion
  Quench Oil
Part Number Configuration Example:
Element Nomenclature:
Element Part Number Average Filtration Ratio
S186-0005-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 3.0 uM
S186-0010-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 10.0 uM
S186-0030-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 25.0 uM
S186-0050-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 40.0 uM
S186-0100-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 50.0 uM
S366-0005-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 3.0 uM
S366-0010-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 10.0 uM
S366-0030-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 25.0 uM
S366-0050-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 40.0 uM
S366-0100-B-1 Beta(x)75 @ 50.0 uM
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