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Hycoa 100 PSI Liquid Bag Housing

HYCOA's Low Pressure (100 PSI) Liquid Bag Housing offers a quality vessel for lower pressure applications. Quality design and construction assure protection for all down-stream equipment.

Featuring rugged welded construction, these versatile vessels provide filtration solutions for a wide variety of industrial and process applications. The units utilize a wide variety of filter bag types to meet the most stringent requirements. Optional mesh lined baskets are available.

The vessels feature swing bolt closure o-ring sealed covers. The eye-bolt nuts allow easy opening and closing of the cover without the need to remove any hardware.

As a standard finish, all vessels are cleaned and painted inside and out with a 2-part epoxy. Stainless Steel vessels are supplied with a satin finish.


Features & Benefits:


Carbon Steel or 304 SS Construction

Pulp & Paper

100 PSI Pressure Rating


Low Pressure Drop


Quick Swing Closure with Eye Nuts


2" FNPT Connections


Differential, Vent & Drain Ports (plugged)


Adjustable Support Legs

Cooling Water

Buna Seals (Lid & Basket)

Edible Oils

304 SS Strainer Basket

Fuel Oils

Variety of Filter Bags and Efficiency Ratings

Synthetic Fluids

Optional Mesh Lined Baskets


Standard Two-Part Epoxy Paint




  • Vessel rated at 100 psi design pressure
  • "O" ring seal 3-bolt swing closure with vent port
  • 2" FNPT connections with side inlet & bottom outlet
  • Two differential pressure ports
  • Two part epoxy finish on carbon steel
  • Stainless steel vessels are supplied with satin finish
  • Basket material is 304SS with 9/64" perforations
  • Basket seals onto o-ring in basket support
  • Supplied with adjustable tripod leg assembly
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