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Universal Silencer Compressor - Absorptive Silencers

Universal Silencer offers several absorptive silencer designs for air moving equipment, such as compressors, centrifugal blowers, and fans. These silencers contain fibrous packing materials that control noise by "absorbing" noise energy. As the sound waves pass through the spaces between the tightly packed small-diameter fibers of the absorptive material, the resulting viscous friction dissipates the sound energy as small amounts of heat.

Absorptive silencers are highly effective on high-frequency noise (500-8000 Hz). At frequencies above and below this range, attenuation performance progressively diminishes. Since the noise is absorbed by the packing media, the absorptive silencer does not rely on internal baffles, tubes, or other restrictive devices to achieve noise reduction.

Consequently, absorptive silencers generally employ straight-through or similar internal designs that impose very little restriction to air flow. All units are mild steel construction with primer-coated exterior.

U5 Series: Straight-through Silencer

The U5 Series is a premium, straight-through, absorptive silencer. It provides excellent noise attenuation due to its very high length-to-diameter ratio. It is especially well suited for inlet service on small rotary positive or centrifugal blowers or the discharge of vacuum pumps. The U5 is constructed of mild steel and has an enamel finish.

Common Applications:
  • Rotary positive/centrifugal blowers
  • Vacuum pump discharge
  • Air valves and cylinders
  • Small low-pressure vents
  • High frequency noise sources


U2 Series: Straight-through Silencer

The U2 Series is an economical straight-through silencer
Common Applications:
  • Intermediate size rotary positive blower inlet
  • Centrifugal blower inlet or discharge
  • Intermediate size dry vacuum pump discharge
  • Gas turbine inlet
  • High-speed centrifugal compressor inlet
  • High frequency noise sources

SU5 Series: Annular Flow Silencer

The SU5 Series is our highest grade standard absorptive silencer. Its design consists of two concentric perforated cylinders lined with acoustical pack, forming an annular flow path. This design features blocked-line-of-sight, while providing full flow area for low flow resistance.

SU4 Series: Annular Flow Silencer

The SU4 Series is Universal's second-highest grade absorptive silencer, ranking just below the SU5 Series. The design of this unit features a bullet centered in the flow tube to provide annular flow path and partial blocked-line-of-sight. Pressure drop is only slightly greater than the SU5.

SU3: Annular Flow Silencer

The SU3 Series is the most economical of Universal's three annular design silencers, ranking in performance below the SU5 and SU4. Its design, except for length, is almost identical to the SU4, including annular flow path and partial blocked-line-of-sight. The pressure drop coefficient is the same as for the SU4 Series.
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