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Jerguson ®

Jerguson ® is well known as the premier supplier of direct reading and remote level indication devices with over 90 years of experience. The name Jerguson ® is recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of liquid level gage glass assemblies, safety ball check isolation valves, magnetic gages and many other related accessories. Jerguson offers a wide range of level indication equipment for normal and severe service requirements with the flexibility to engineer and design for customer specific applications. As the pioneer of armored gages and isolation valves, Jerguson ® has developed over 100,000 special designs to meet customer needs. These include alloys from aluminum to zirconium, in virtually any size and mounting configuration. Jerguson continues to develop innovative products such as fiber optic gage illumination, microwave level sensors, and 4-20 mA output transmitters and point switches for magnetic gages.

Jerguson's new Flat Glass LED Illuminator backlighting unit for transparent level gages that provides brilliant illumination of the process level and a maintenance-free bulb life of over 10 years. The impact on plant safety and reliability is immediate. Economically, the EPL-100 LED Illuminator pays for itself in less than two years through maintenance and electricity savings.

The Jerguson ® EPL-100 ® also surpasses the length limitations of current "wedge or fiberoptic" type illuminators that cover a maximum of two sections or three sections respectively. The introduction of the EPL-100 ® enables coverage of up to four gage sections and allows the use of a single illuminator and power supply for the majority of level gage applications, saving both time and money on instillation.

For direct visual indication of process level, a broad range of flat-glass transparent or reflex gages are available to meet most temperature and pressure conditions. Tubular styles are also available, along with a complete line of both straight and offset pattern valves. Only Jerguson offers the "Gage and Valve Selector" a slide-rule type of tool for fast, accurate and simple gage and valve specification. Ask for your free gage & valve selector today !

Magnesonics ® provides you a single source level measurement and control solution, bringing an entirely new plateau of technology to remote level indication. Magnesonics ® introduces Tuning Fork Frequency Shift, Ultrasonic Gap, Displacer, Non-Contact Ultrasonics as well as Capacitance Technologies. This variety of measurement technologies allows you to select a product for nearly any type of level application.

One of the simplest techniques for indicating liquid level is by means of a direct reading device Armored Level Gage with which the level can be seen visually. A common method of providing such visual indication is by installing direct reading gages in the vessel itself. These direct reading gages are placed at different locations or points to indicate the liquid height. More often, separately mounted gage glasses are used to provide a continuous indication of level over a certain vertical distance on the vessel.

Jerguson ® Boiler Gages and Valves are rugged, high-quality products constructed of the finest materials. Assemblies are designed and built for years of dependable operation. They meet A.B.S. and U.S.C.G. regulations and A.S.M.E. Sec. 1, code requirements for use on fired pressure vessels.

The Jerguson ® Magnicator ® II is designed for safe and reliable measurement and control of process liquid levels on almost any size and type of tank or vessel. The Magnicator ® II is suitable for many applications in hostile environments (i.e., extreme pressures/temperatures, shock and vibration, etc.) where other manufactures' products fail.

Jerguson ® Welding Pad Gages are used where conventional gage and valve construction is impractical because of (1) solid matter in suspension, (2) under conditions where the thermal error caused by piping to a gage glass cannot be tolerated, or (3) where space requirements suggest their use. Included are applications involving high vibration, highly viscous liquids or liquids with considerable amounts of solids, Jerguson offers end users a flat or radius weld pad gage. Because there is no nipples through which the process liquid enters the gage, clogging potential is eliminated.