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Jerguson Isolation Valves Series 140

Pressure Ratings: 2400 lbs. @ 100º F., 1400 lbs. @ 750º F
series 140 valvesIntegral bonnet valves, steel & stainless steel bodies available.   Stainless steel trim with a wide choice of connections.

Jerguson No. 140 Series Valves provide long trouble-free service at economical cost. Their design incorporates such quality features as stainless steel stems and ballchecks. A comprehensive selection of connections provides the versatility required to conform to most piping requirements. Optional features permit a high degree of customization to meet very specific demands.

Choices of Models:
  • Model 143 Straight pattern non-union gage conn
  • Model 144 Straight pattern union gage conn
  • Model 146 Offset pattern non-union gage conn
  • Model 147 Offset pattern union gage conn

Safety Shut-off: All No. 140 Series Valves are equipped with stainless steel ballchecks upstream from the seats which instantaneously shut off flow of medium being gaged in case of gage glass breakage. The ball may be omitted on request. Bonnet: The bonnet on all No. 140 Series Valves screws directly onto the outside of the forged body. The inner area bears on the packing gland.

Union Tank Connection: Series 140 Valves are equipped with union tank connections which permit simple installation and easy access to the ballcheck.

Union Gage Connection: No. 147 and No. 144 are furnished with a union gage connection which allows a top and bottom connected gage to be turned to any desired angle for convenient visibility. It also makes possible removal of the gage without removing the valves or draining the liquid from the vessel - a feature which saves time when the gages must be cleaned or maintained.

Offset Patten: No.146 and No.147 valve bodies are designed so that the gage connections are offset 7/8" from the centerline of the vessel connections. By removing the plug, the interior of top and bottom connected gage may also be swabbed without disassembly.

No. 140 Series Valves have steel bodies and malleable iron handwheels. Long life is assured by the use of stainless steel for the stem, and ballcheck. Materials used to conform to or exceed requirements of A.I.S.I., A.S.TM. and/or A.P.I. - A.S.M.E. for recommended pressures.

No. 140 Series Valves can be furnished upon request with flanged, socket welding, solid shank (non-union) and Spherical Union Connections. The use of Spherical Unions on inlets and outlets with top and bottom connected gages is particularly valuable lest the vessel connections are not perfectly parallel. This construction will compensate for up to 10° misalignment of vessel tapping in any direction from the stem axis and up to plus or minus variation from mean centers. The same compensation may be had on side connected gages using single spherical tailpieces on the outlet connections.

To determine maximum space available for top and bottom connected gage, deduct from center to center dimensions:
3½" on Nos. 143 and 146
5-7/8" on Nos. 144 and 147

Note A. ¾" dimension applies to all ½" N.P.T. end connected Reflex and Transparent gages except L-10 which is 1¼".

Note B. To determine overall length of  ½" I.P.S. nipples add 7/8" to distance between gage and valve. For side connected gages: Refer to bulletin on page selected. Using No. 143 or 144 valves the side centers on the gage and the centers are the same. Using No. 146 or No. 147 valves with offsets inside gage centers, deduct 1¾" from side centers. Using No. 146 or No. 147 valves with offsets outside gage centers, add 1¾" from side centers.


Vertical Rising Ballcheck: No. 147.  An additional safety feature in the bottom valve of a top and bottom connected assembly is an optional vertical rising ballcheck on the downstream side of the seat. This arrangement shuts off the flow of liquid in case of fracture of the instrument or connecting piping and eliminates the horizontal ball in the bottom fitting. A ½" male drain is standard. A cap may be furnished on request.

Bleed Fitting: A bleed fitting is available making it possible to bleed pressure from the valve and connected instrument without breaking any threaded connections. The bleed fitting is designed so its stem cannot be withdrawn accidentally. It is tapped for 1/8" N.P.T. discharge.

Valve Model Approximate Weight
  lbs Kgs
143 Straight pattern with non-union gage connections 8 3.6
144 Straight pattern with union gage connection 9 4.1
146 Offset pattern with non-union gage connection 9 4.1
147 Offset pattern with union gage connection 9 4.1

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