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Jerguson LumaStar Explosion-Proof LED Illuminator Model EPL-100

LumaStarJerguson®, manufactured by the Clark-Reliance® Corporation, introduces a new Flat Glass LED Illuminator backlighting unit for transparent level gages that provides brilliant illumination of the process level and a maintenance-free bulb life of over 10 years. The impact on plant safety and reliability is immediate. Economically, the EPL-100 LED Illuminator pays for itself in less than two years through maintenance and electricity savings.

The new Jerguson® EPL-100 also surpasses the length limitations of current "wedge or fiberoptic" type illuminators that cover a maximum of two sections or three sections respectively. The introduction of the EPL-100 enables coverage of up to four gage sections and allows the use of a single illuminator and power supply for the majority of level gage applications, saving both time and money on instillation.

  • High Contrast - Superior Visibility Day or Night
  • Long Life - 100,000 hours
  • No Heat Generation
  • Field Upgradeable - Fits Any Glass Gage
  • Eliminates "Bulb Changes"
  • Longest Field-of-View
  • Covers up to 4 Size 9 Gage Sections
  • Explosion-Proof Power Supply - Intrinsically Safe Lighting Circuit
  • Pays for Itself in Electricity Savings Alone
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Clark Reliance DuraStar LED Illuminator for Flat Glass Level Gages

DuraStarDuraStar is approved for use in Class 1, Div 1, Group B,C & D environments. The DuraStar Illuminator uses three columns of "directed" amber color LEDs to create a brilliant star-like image at the water level. The DuraStar easily attaches to new or existing Reliance level gages without the use of tools.

  • High Contrast
  • Superior Visibility Day or Night
  • Field Upgradable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Long Life - 100,000 hours
  • No Heat Generation
  • Versatile Continuous or On-Demand
  • Amber LEDs for High Intensity "Star Like" Image at Water Line.
  • Longest Field of View
  • Pays for Itself in Electricity Savings Alone
  • No Weather Proof Illuminator Required
Power Supply: 120 or 240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
Estimated Life: 100,000 Hours (continuous)
Agency Approvals: FM Approved, CSA Pending
  Class 1, Div 1, Grps B, C & D
  Class 2, Div 1, Grps E, F & G
Wire Size: Min 18 AWG / Max 12 AWG
Max Distance from Power Supply to Light Strip: 8 ft. (2.5 m)
Ambient Temperature: -40° F to 170° F
Electrical Connection: 1/2" FNPT
Model EPL-60 **** DISCONTINUED - REPLACED BY LumaStar EPL-100**** (click for more details)

EPL-60**** DISCONTINUED - REPLACED BY EPL-100**** The only NEMA 4 Gage Illuminator on the market. The Jerguson Lumenator uses a 5 VAC (4.85 watts) gas filled lamp that has a standard life of 15,000 hours, unlike competitive ordinary illuminators that use incandescent bulbs with an average life of 3,000 hours.

Along with extended life, the Jerguson Lumenator uses a patented woven fiber optic strip that ensures a smooth, even light. This feature eliminates bright spots, a problem with other manufacturer's designs.

The light source is contained in a NEMA 4, 4X, and 7 anodized aluminum housing designed for Class 1 & 2, Div 1 Groups A, B, C & D. Cenelec approved for EEx d IIB + H2 T6

V19000Up to 3-sections of level gage illumination using one light source.

The Lumenator can easily be wired for either 115 VAC or 230 VAC.

Virtually maintenance free. Lights can be changed without disconnecting the power or removing the Lumenator for the gage. You never have to loosen a gage cover to attach the Lumenator. Gone are illuminator brackets, broken or misaligned acrylic wedges, or short bulb life.

Easy to install on existing Jerguson or competitor's level gages. Installation is as simple as snapping the Lumenator assembly onto the flat glass gage and connecting the power.

Model EPL-56 **** DISCONTINUED - REPLACED BY LumaStar EPL-100**** (click for more details)

EPL-56 To improve the readability of flat glass liquid level gages in poorly lighted areas Jerguson can furnish efficient illuminators­tors specially designed for use on Jerguson Gages.

EPL-56These Jerguson Gage Illuminators incorporate the principle of wedge lighting which gives a bright, evenly diffused light, free of glare of blinding areas over the entire length of the gage glass.  Light from a single lamp is reflected from the angular surface of the plastic wedge and is evenly diffused through the transparent gage glass.

Both EPL-54 and EPL-56 are CSA and UL approved for use in hazardous locations, Class 1, Groups C and D, Class 1, Group B Div. 2.   See UL Certificate (174KB PDF File) Note: Other Illuminators available for Class 1, Group A and B Service.

EPL-56Relamping of these illuminators is simple and quick. A single wing nut clamps the cover and glass housing in place. Loosening of the nut permits the cover and housing to lift out in one piece. A safety chain attaching the bulb housing to the base prevents possible damage and loss of parts on the EPL-56.

EPL-56Illuminators are made in single and double section styles for Jerguson Series 300L, 20, 32 and L-10 gages.  Double sections require only one lamp for illumination of two gage sections.  They can be adopted for use of Non-Frosting Transparent Gages, and Reflex Gages.  The EPL-56 uses a medium base 58 watt bulb.

Easy to Install. It is easy to install Jerguson Illuminators on your present gages or new gages. The illuminators are furnished with brackets which mount on the top two cover bolts on the right­hand side of the gage section. The explosion-proof fitting bolts to the bracket.

EPL-56 Illuminator Support Files / Links:
Non-Frosting Extensions - See Through The Frost ! (click for more details)

JergusonCapable of mounting in seconds without tools, this unit provides a clear optical channel through inches of frost. The extension is mounted with stainless steel springs and clips which hold it tight against the gage glass, so frost can't form between the glass and the extension.

For low temperature applications where frost has a tendency to build up on the gage, the Jerguson patented frost preventing unit keeps frost from covering the window and maintains clear visibility at all times.

The Jerguson patented non-frosting unit is a flanged piece of transparent plastic in direct contact with the gage glass. It extends the vision face beyond the cover forging 1" or more as required. The gage cover clamps the flanged plastic extension to the glass, thus maintaining direct contact with the gage glass so that frost is prevented from forming. No sealing or drying agent is required.

The flanged base of the frost preventing unit is surrounded by a gasket so that, in case of accidental breakage of the frost preventing unit, the torque of the cover bolts will be maintained and leakage will not result.

The Series 300L non-frosting extensions are held firmly in direct contact with the gage glass by special stain­less steel clips . Extensions may be added to installed Series 300L gages without removing the gage covers.

Non-Frosting construction has been designed for the Series 300L, 20 and Series 30 Gages which have their liquid chambers, machined in a single bar of cold rolled carbon or stainless steel and for Series L-10 large chamber gages, which have chambers made from 2" tubing. The large chamber gages are for applications where the liquid has a tendency to boil or surge. The greater diameter of the chamber provides more area inside the gage so that the effect on the liquid column is less disturbing.

  • Reflex or Transparent Types
  • Standard or Large Liquid Chambers
  • Temperature Range To Minus 325°F
Heating / Cooling Tubes. (click for more details)

JergusonJerguson Heated Gages (and jacketed valves) are built to meet the special conditions present when working with liquids which must be kept at higher than ambient temperature for process reasons or to hasten the re­sponse to level changes. They are also used on outdoor applications to prevent freezing in winter. These gages may be used for cooling purposes when required by circulating a cooling medium through the tubes instead of a heating medium.

Jerguson Heated Gages are available in an internal tube model or an external tube model. The internal tube model is heated by passing steam or other heating medium through a tube that runs through the gage chamber. The tube is in direct contact with the liquid in the gage. The external tube model has a square tube attached to the back of the chamber of the reflex gage or a tube attached to one or both sides of the chamber of the transparent gage. This model may be heated by passing a heating medium through the tubes.

Jerguson No. 93 or No. 94 Jacketed Valves which can be heated by steam are used with heated gages. Electric heated gages and valves on application.


Internal tube: Reflex or Transparent, available in Series 300L, 20, 30 and L-10

External tube: Reflex, available in Series 300L, 20 and 30. Transparent Series 30 with single or double tubes. Internal or external heating tubes rated 600 wsp.

Campbell's Foot Scales & 316SS Photo-Etched Scales (click for more details)

Campbells ScalesScales for gage applications where liquid must be read out in quantity or height of liquid, graduated scales are available.

Standard Brass Scale composed of identical 1 FT. sections with numerals & graduations and filled with black enamel, Foot markers engraved and filled with red enamel. Graduated in feet, inches & eighths of an inch. Pressure cast, weather-resistant zinc alloy, furnished in identical one foot strips with numbered coupling plates to be assembled by customer to any desired length.