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Jerguson Series 40 Armored Gages

For Pressures Up To 5000 psi @ 100°F

Heavy-duty high pressure Series 40 Jerguson Gages are available in both reflex and transparent (shown above) types.  (Reflex gages assembled with a single plain glass for greater strength.)  These gages are designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards.  Their dependability under difficult high pressure operating conditions is well known in the process industries.

Series 40 gages have a one-piece liquid chamber machined from solid bar steel.  Interchangeable sectional gage covers and glasses are tightly locked over the liquid chamber with special bolts and nuts.   Recessed gasket seats have a fine finish to provide a positively leakproof seal between the chamber and glass.

Specifications for Series 40 Gages
  • Section Lengths: Series 40 gages are available in nine standard visible glass lengths. Multiples of the same size windows in a single piece bar stock liquid chamber are used for longer lengths.
  • Connections: Standard Series 40 gages are furnished with ½"  female end connections. Optional connections are available, such as socket weld, flanged or close hook-up (side/side).
  • Liquid Chamber: Machined bar stock. The gasket seat is recessed to allow lateral support and facilitate positioning.
  • Covers: Steel, recessed gasket seats. Optional materials are available such as 316SS. The cushion gasket seat is recessed.
  • Bolts & Nuts: Alloy steel is standard, A193 B7 and A194 2H. Optional materials are available. All steel fasteners are "black oxide" treated to prevent rust.
  • Glass: Tempered Borosilicate is used to 600° F (316° C). Aluminosilicate is used to 800° F (427° C). Transparent glass may be protected from corrosive media with mica or Neoflon CTFE shields.
  • Gaskets: Standard gaskets are precision die cut in proprietary Jerguson dies.
  • Finish: All steel parts are finish coated prior to assembly. Stainless steel is not coated.

NOTE: It is recommended that all gages be installed with Jerguson gage valves having safety ballchecks which help provide protection against physical injury and loss of product if glass breakage should occur.

Options and Adders
  • Isolation Valves
  • Side and/or Back Connections
  • Flanged or Socket Weld Connections
  • Grafoil Gaskets, Mica Shields, Teflon Gaskets & Kel-F Shields
  • Drain Valves
  • Non-Frost Extensions
  • Aluminosilicate Glass
  • Heating / Cooling Tubes (both internal & external)
  • Spring Washers
  • Illuminators (plastic wedge reflectors, fiber optic illumination & LED Illumination)
  • 316SS Non-Wetted Parts (covers & bolting)
  • Offshore Coating per FP-11
  • Insulation Jackets
  • Expansion Loops & Coils
  • Scales (Campbell's Foot Scales, Brass Scales and 316SS Photo Etched Scales)
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