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Jerguson Series 51 Armored Gages

Pressures Up To 10,000 psi @ 100°F wpe25.gif (18433 bytes)
The Jerguson Series 51 liquid level gage is a specially designed instrument capable of withstanding high pressures.  The one-piece chamber is machined out of solid bar stock carbon steel or stainless steel as specified.  It is drilled length wise and crosswise at each port leaving tie-bars in between to resist deflection under pressure.  Viton "O" rings that seal each port are unaffected by most liquids that cause deterioration in rubber.  The "O" rings are seated in recessed circular channels to assure proper seating action.
This gage is unique in that it combines the strength to withstand very high pressures with a good degree of visibility. Port holes in the chamber are drilled on an angle for positive drainage of the port, thus preventing false level reading caused by liquid hang up.
Carbon steel and 316SS ark rated for 10,000 psi @ 400° F using Viton. Gages with 304SS chambers are rated for 6600 psi C 400° F using Viton.
½" N.P.T or Flanged to 6600 psi. High pressure fittings recommended for higher pressures.
Series 51 Gages are offered in standard sizes up to 6 feet in length. They are built to order in greater lengths.

Chambers are machined from solid bar stock steel, carbon or stainless as specified. Covers are carbon steel. Studs are threaded through the chamber to allow glasses on each side to be changed individually.

Although the tempered longitudinal glass is carefully chosen for "close tolerance" the design of the chamber- and individual self-sealing "O" rings at each port confine the pressure on the glass to ½" circles. Fibrous cushions are used between covers and glasses.

Options and Adders
Isolation Valves
Side and/or Back Connections
Flanged or Socket Weld Connections
Grafoil Gaskets, Mica Shields, Teflon Gaskets & Kel-F Shields
Drain Valves
Non-Frost Extensions
Aluminosilicate Glass
Heating / Cooling Tubes (both internal & external)
Spring Washers
Illuminators (both plastic wedge reflectors & fiber optic)
316SS Non-Wetted Parts (covers & bolting)
Offshore Coating per FP-11
Insulation Jackets
Expansion Loops & Coils
Scales (Campbell's Foot Scales, Brass Scales and 316SS Photo Etched Scales)
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