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Cylindrical Sight Flow Indicators

The Full-View Sight Flow Indicators are recommended for low-pressure applications where maximum visibility is needed. In addition to standard length models, Jacoby Tarbox offers customized lengths up to 48" (in 1/8" increments).  Available in NPT threaded-end and flanged designs, these Sight Flow Indicators are designed to enhance the visibility of process media as it passes through the glass cylinder.  Full 360o viewing area expands the number of positions and locations in which the unit can be mounted for full visibility. (Model F-830HP Shown @ Right)

Full-View Sight Flow Indicators are unique because the "characteristics" of the liquid can be viewed.   A typical sight flow allows observation of liquids through a glass pane while the Full-View sight flow allows observation of liquids in transit through a more dynamic, 3-dimensional pipeline.  Designing the Full-View to match the pipe diameter streamlines the liquid flow through the sight flow and helps to keep solids from settling.

Units are best suited for vertical applications.  Horizontal mounting is acceptable if there is no mechanical strain imposed on the glass cylinder. 

Threaded End Connections Styles
Pressure to 70 PSIG
Model 850-S: Nominal Pressure Rated      
Model 850-SL: (Extra Length) Nominal Pressure Rated      
Pressure to 150PSIG
Model 805-S: Nominal Pressure Rated  
Model 805-SD (Tube/Drip): Nominal Pressure Rated   
Model 805-SL (Extra Length): Nominal Pressure Rated   
Model 805-SDL (Extra Length): Nominal Pressure Rated    
Pressure to 150PSIG
Model 1000-S (Cast Iron Body): Nominal Pressure Rated 
Model 4000-S (Bronze Body): Nominal Pressure Rated) 
Flanged End Connection Styles
Pressure to 150PSIG
Model 830-F: Nominal Pressure Rated
Model 830-FD (Tube/Drip): Nominal Pressure Rated
Model 830-FL (Extra Length): Nominal Pressure Rated
Model 830-FDL (Extra Length/Drip): Nominal Pressure Rated
Pressure to 150PSI
Model 860-F (Cast Iron Body): Nominal Pressure Rated
Authorized Service Center Details (PDF File)
Pressure to 225PSI
Model F-830-HP High Pressure Rated
Model FD-830HP (Tube/Drip): High Pressure Rated
Fluoropolymer Linings
Teflon®(PFA), Teflon®(PTFE), Tefzel®(ETFE), PVC, Kynar®, Rubber, Polypropylene and more.
Glass Lining (UniShield™)
Fused PFA Teflon® glass shield or lining   Available for window discs and cylinders for both positive pressure and vacuum service. 
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