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Jacoby Tarbox Model 4000-S

Model 4000-SCylindrical Sheathed Tube Models are recommended for applications where increased visibility is required.  They may be used in pipe line systems that operate under some degree of mechanical  strain, with sheathing providing the necessary indicator protection and support.  

To enhance quality and performance, the bodies (sheaths) of the 4000-S Armored Full-View model uses ASTM B-62 Bronze.  The body of the Armored Full-View Sight Flow is not considered a wetted component.  The medium passing through the Armored Full-View Sight Flow Indicator comes in contact with only the glass and the connection ends.

Similar to the Full-View, the Armored Full-View Sight Flow Indicators are unique because the "characteristics" of the liquid can be viewed.   A typical sight flow allows observation of liquids through a glass pane while the Full-View sight flow allows observation of liquids in transit through a more dynamic, 3-dimensional pipeline.  Designing the Full-View to match the pipe diameter streamlines the liquid flow through the sight flow and helps to keep solids from settling.

Models are constructed using borosilicate tube glass and various "head" metals depending on application.  Note: System content does not contact indicator bodies, only indicator heads, glass and gasketing.

The Style 4000-S is also a tube type of a lighter construction, using bronze bodies with heads made from bar stock of various metals.  This construction allows a semi-automatic production with resulting lower unit costs.