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Jacoby Tarbox Sight Window Models 5400 & S-5100

A quick solution for pipe or tank observation

Jacoby Tarbox Sight WindowsPressure Rating:  1" through 2": 150 PSI   3": 175 PSI 250 PSI with tempered glass. The Model S-5400 (shown right) has male connections and the Model S-5100 has a female connection. The Threaded Sight Window is similar in design to the Threaded Window Sight Flow Indicator. The outer retaining ring compresses the glass between the gasket and cushion.  Mouse Over Image for Larger View

  • Available 1" through 3" NPT Connection
  • Construction: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
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S5400 S5400 S5400 S5400 S5400 S5400