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90º Degree Angle Sightflow Indicators

Recommended when space or system characteristics make straight line indicators unsuitable.  Angle models can be supplied with, or without, drip tubes.  Drip tubes are positioned into the center window  area for easy observation.  Models without drip tubes will operate effectively with solution flows in any direction.  Units with drip tubes are best suited to low, or intermittent flow in vertical, downward direction. Larger Image

The bodies are made from single piece, cast construction.  These sight flow indicators are available in either Plain or Drip Tube style of indication. Units without drip tube indication may be used in any orientation of flow. Units with drip tube indication should be mounted in a vertically downward orientation. Units can come with inside and outside bosses for instrumentation taps.

Models include:                              
Style 90-D ( Unit has a drip tube. Shown above right )
Style 90 ( Plain / no drip tube )
Style 90-S ( Unit has a screwed vent connection )
Style 90-F ( Unit has a flanged vent connection )
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