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Engine Silencers & Spark Arrestors

We manufacture high-quality, fully welded reactive silencers to reduce exhaust noise on all types of internal combustion engines. Each engine and each operating location requires a unique combination of silencer properties. For this reason, many different silencer models are cataloged to cover most silencing problems. In cases where standard silencers do not meet a particular need, special silencers can be designed.
Multi-chamber Silencers
For the majority of engines and operating conditions, multi-chamber silencers provide maximum noise attenuation within acceptable back pressure limits. Most naturally aspirated and supercharged engines need this type of silencer, and many turbocharged engines are best silenced with this design. Factors that influence the choice of silencer design include engine exhaust flow in cubic feet per minute, exhaust temperature in degrees F., and maximum allowable back pressure, in inches of H2O.
Straight-through Silencers
Some engines require very low exhaust system back pressures for maximum engine performance. Many turbocharged engines and some naturally aspirated engines fall into this category. For these engines, straight-through, reactive silencers are available to provide adequate silencing while imposing negligible restriction on the flow of exhaust gas.
Spark-arresting Silencers

Operating locations exist where fire hazards and safety codes require removal of sparks from exhaust gases. Our spark arrestor silencers are engineered to perform the dual function of spark arrest and silencing for all internal combustion engines.

A variety of accessories are available, including:

Flexible connectors
Companion flanges

Explosion relief covers

Mounting attachments
Inspection openings