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PEECO Weather-Proof Flow Switches

For Non-Hazardous Locations with Maximum Allowable Pressure to 600 PSI

PEECO Flow SwitchesFlow Actuated Electrical Switches are unique in the field of flow controls.  Our switches are not a standard shelf item, but are specifically produced to accommodate your application.  The flow switches are maintenance free in lines from 1/16" to 12' or larger.

Encompassing all the features and reliability of our more popular Explosion Proof models, these units are furnished with a slip-on steel cover.  This .062 thick housing is NEMA 4X weather proof, by utilizing a special "O" ring seal fitted into a mechanical groove in the body; a standard on all of the non-explosion proof models. The housing & cover are both made of heat treated aluminum T-356 and are epoxy coated (for extra protection). Each of the four basic styles shown are adaptable to many other fittings and configurations.

Open - CloseStandard Material of Construction
Cover: Heat Treated Aluminum 356-T6
Housing: Heat Treated Aluminum 356-T6
Body: Steel (ASTM 108-99 & A29-99)
Bellows: Seamless 321 Stainless Steel
Stem Paddle: 302, 303 Stainless Steel
Bearings: 440C Stainless Steel Micro Ball
Name Plates: Aluminum
Micro Switch: 15A, 125-250-480 VAC SPDT  1/2 A., 125VDC (see optional switches)
Open - CloseOptional Material of Construction
Body: 316SS, Teflon, Polypropylene, Kel-F, Kynar, Inconel, PVC
Bellows: Nickel Plated SS, Teflon, Polypropylene, Kynar, PVC
Stem Paddle: MOST METALS, Teflon, Kynar, Polypropylene, PVC
Bearings: 440C Stainless Steel Micro Ball
Name Plates: Stainless Steel
Micro Switch: 400F, 10A. 125 VDC, Hermetically Sealed, Environment Proof, 600 VAC, 25A, DPDT, and many others.  Silver Brazing Alloy: Copper - 15.5%, Silver - 50%, ZINC - 16.5%, Cadmium - 18%. Cadmium free AND Copper free Alloys are available
PEECO Model NT-F  
Style NT-F: Wafer Tee Connection
Connection: Wafer Tee
Standard Size: 2" 150# or 300# R.F.
Optional Size: Any size, style and rating.
Line Size: 2" and under (standard) over 2"
Also available in low and low-low flow models.
PEECO Model NT Style NT: Screwed Tee Connection
Connection: Screwed Tee.
Standard Size: Specify Size
Optional: Socket-Weld, Butt-Weld.
Line Size: 2" and under (standard) over 2" (optional).
Also available in low and low-low flow model.
PEECO Model NP-F Style NP-F: Flanged Connection
Connection: Flanged*
Standard Size: 2" 150# or 300# R.F.
Optional Size: Any size, style and rating.
Line Size: 2½" and up.
* (specify distance from face of mounting flange to top i.d. or c/l of pipe and pipe size.)
PEECO Model NP-S Style NP-S: Screwed Connection
Connection: Screwed Top Mount.
Standard Size: 1¼" npt.
Optional Size: Any other size.
Line Sizes: 2½" and up.
Open - CloseFlow Switch Selection Chart:
Parameters Explosion Proof High Pressure Non-Explosion Proof
Pressure to 600psi Yes No Yes
Pressure to 10,000psi No Yes No
Temp. to 300° F (note 1) Yes Yes Yes
Temperatures to 2000°F Finned Body Extension Required
Hazardous Locations Yes Yes  
Non-Hazardous Locations (note 2) No No Yes
Flow Rates See Flow Rate Page for Details
Screwed Connections Yes Yes Yes
Flanged (see note 3) Yes Yes Yes
Tee, Screwed or Wafer Styles Yes Yes Yes
Welded or Special Duct Mountings Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Actuation Yes Yes Yes
Turbulence, Cavitation, Pulsation Yes Yes Yes
Teflon or other Coatings Paddle - Stem Yes Paddle - Stem
All Teflon, PVC, Kynar or other Yes No Yes
All Stainless Steel Yes Yes Yes
Bronze Yes Yes Yes
Any Machinable Metal No Yes No
Air Operated Yes Yes No
Tri-Clamp / Tri-Clover Yes Yes Yes
Direct Readout Option Yes No Yes
Tropicalization, other coatings Yes Yes Yes
Signal Light Yes Yes No
Alarm Silencing Relay Yes Yes Yes
DIN Flanges and others Yes Yes Yes
Tamper-Proof Setup Yes Yes Yes
Special Flow Conditions Yes Yes Yes
Note (1): For 400° F change micro-switch.
Note (2): Specify NEMA classification.
Note (3): Specify distance from face of mounting flange to top ID or C/L of pipe and pipe size.
Flow Switch Options:
Multiple Actuation
Time Delay
Dash Pots
Stem Dampeners
Folding Paddles
Perforated Paddles
Low Flow and Low-Low Flow
Direct Readout
High Heat Dissipation
Air Operated
Sleeve Adaptation
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