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Gas Turbine Systems

Total systems for gas turbines
Universal Gas Turbines.bmp (211946 bytes)Universal Silencer understands and appreciates your gas turbine silencer and filtration needs. We manufacture industrial noise control and filtration products that meet your specific requirements. With proven engineering skills and industrial know-how that guarantees performance, we create customized solutions suited to your industry and equipment.Universal Gas Turbine2.gif (19656 bytes)Universal Silencer's customized gas turbine silencers are in service throughout the world in a wide variety of industrial settings. We put that experience to work at each step in the design and manufacturing process -- from the initial quotation, when we can suggest cost-saving design options, to successful installation and operation. Although each application is unique, every one of our silencers carries our guarantee for acoustical performance, low pressure drop, and structural performance.Inlet Filtration - both barrier and self cleaning designsUniversal Silencer offers a wide range of filtration for industrial applications, including gas turbines. These products include both flat panel and cylindrical barrierUniversal Gas Turbine3.gif (16895 bytes) filters and cylindrical self-cleaning systems - the Uni-PulseTM system. The Uni-Pulse system is designed to protect your gas turbine engines even in the world's toughest environments. Dependable pulse-cleaning filters have proven themselves in conditions from Arctic cold to desert heat, from highly corrosive marine applications to the humidity of the tropics. The Uni-Pulse system's automatic maintenance-free operation and exceptional reliability allow use at unmanned sites even in the most remote locations.The Universal Silencer Uni-Pulse Filtration System with 75 cartridges.Features include:
  • Improved automatic pulse cleaning
  • Low pressure drop
  • High-efficiency filtration
  • Moisture-resistant filter media
  • Rugged cartridge design, yet easy to handle
  • Low approach velocity
Universal Silencer can provide a Uni-Pulse inlet filter, or a completely integrated system including inlet silencers, exhaust silencer, transitions, ducts, and all related structural components, all designed and manufactured by Universal Silencer.Inlet SilencersThe inlet noise of a gas turbine contains mostly high-frequency noise. An absorptive silencer in series with the inlet filtration system is usually required to meet noise attenuation requirements. Although the inlet silencing requirements are usually less stringent than the exhaust requirements, it is critical that the inlet silencer be constructed to exacting criteria.Universal Silencer has introduced the new Acousti-TubeTM Gas Turbine Inlet Silencer, which directs air flow at the gas turbine inlet through a series of parallel, small-diameter tubes that are surrounded by absorptive material to reduce the high-frequency noise. Exhaust SilencersThe exhaust silencer of a gas turbine can pose special design and manufacturing challenges. A gas turbine's exhaust noise is broadband, but has significant low-frequency contributions. The silencer design can often be strictly absorptive, but a combination absorptive/reactive design is sometimes necessary. Exhaust temperatures ranging from 900 to 1200 degrees F. create additional acoustical and mechanical design concerns. Special provisions for thermal growth are essential, and material selection is critical. Inlet and Exhaust Stacks, Support Steel, and EnclosuresIn addition to filtration, inlet silencers, and exhaust silencers, Universal Silencer provides a full line of support products, including:
Support steel for inlet or exhaust
Inlet ducting
Exhaust ducting or stacks
Support systems - lugs, saddles, legs, trunions
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