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Jensen Series 600 Petroleum Mixers

Jensen MixersSpecifically designed for Petroleum Services.  Maximum horse power 75 and gear driven. The Jensen Series 600 Mixer is the only side entry mixer designed exclusively for use in petroleum service.  Every design feature is tailored to meet the rugged requirements of refinery and pipeline applications.  In every horsepower range it offers superior life and load figures, unmatched ease of maintenance and outstanding mixing efficiency. Jensen standard materials offer optimum performance in any hydrocarbon application.

Jensen Mixers hang directly on your tank's manway (only).  No need for additional equipment such as tie rods and/or a base (unlike our competition).  Jensen Mixers' short shaft design (which is supported both at the front and rear of the shaft) provides for vibration-free service. This ensures a long life to the mixer's mechanical seal, gearbox, bearings etc.  Only Jensen Mixer provides you with a (mixer) propeller custom pitched for your application.  Jensen Mixer has well over 15,000 mixers in service today.  Go with Jensen and get unequaled experience, time proven designs that out-perform and out-last all of our competitors.

  • Shaft and wear sleeve - Stainless Steel (Option for 316SS)
  • Lock ring, lock bushing, & seal housing - 316 Stainless Steel
  • Drive Yoke - Aluminum Bronze
  • Propeller & Body - Cast Carbon Steel (Option for 316SS)
  • Gearbox - 356-T6 heat treated Aluminum Alloy
  • O Rings - Viton "A", Buna "N" & Teflon encapsulated Viton

The Jensen Series 600 Mixer is supported entirely by the tank manway or nozzle.   No tie rods, bases or other external supports are used.  Lightweight and low overhang design are the keys to this money saving feature.

Support for the propeller shaft is provided by the main thrust bearing at the outboard end of the mixer and by the shaft end bearing close to the tank shutoff device. With this long bearing span, any possibility of shaft whip is virtually eliminated.  All moving parts are completely enclosed by protective covers.

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Defining your requirements and selecting the right mixer to do the job is most important.  Jensen offers a mixer specifically tailored to every need.
Mixer applications can be separated into two categories:
1). BLENDING - Mixing two or more fluids.  Select the Jensen Model 600 Fixed-Angle Mixer.
2). CLEANING - Removing sediment accumulations from tank bottoms.  Select the Jensen Model 600-VA Vari-Angle Mixer.
In cases where both services are required, the Vari-Angle should be selected.

Jensen process recommendations are fully guaranteed.  Jensen mixers are guaranteed against defects for 12 months.

Model Model 620 Model 650 Model 680
Horsepower (Max.) 20 40 75
Shaft R.P.M. 425 425 425
Gear Rating * 37.5 HP 116 HP 116 HP
Bearing Life ** 48,000 HRS. 64,000 HRS. 48,000 HRS.
Critical Speed *** 2,470 RPM 2,800 RPM 3,200 RPM
* Equivalent A.G.M.A  Class II Horsepower
** B-10 Life (90% of the bearings will meet or exceed).  Life shown is lowest calculated life of any bearing in the mixer.
*** Propeller shaft first critical speed.