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Clark Reliance Series 600 and 700 Valves

For Dependable Steam Service to 3000 PSI @ 700° F
Wheel Operated Forged Steel Water Gage Valves Offer In 7 Models
  • Clark Reliance ValvesExclusively Chain Wheel Operated Models
  • Seven Models of Series 600 and Series 700 valves offer choices in vessel and gage connections, equalizer tube availability and maximum steam pressure services.
  • Refer to the Model Selection Guide for individual model features to meet your specific installation requirements.
  • All chain wheel operated models are of outside screw and yoke design.
Features Include:
  • Forged steel body to ASTM A 105 Specification.
  • Type 303 stainless steel stem.
  • On Series 700 models only, one-piece 420F stainless steel replaceable seat (Figure 24) is secured by identical two-bolt packing yokes.
  • Single-pitch stem thread allows easy valve operation by chain wheel.
  • Stem bushing is positioned outside body, away from high temperatures and corrosive fluids.
  • Lower valves provide 3/8" pipe connection and female socket weld connection for blowdown.

Note: Female socket weld connectors are not included when valves are to be welded to water columns.  To specify for the above applications add "C" to model numbers.  Example: Model SG777 (with socket weld connectors) becomes Model SG777C (without socket weld connectors).

Model Selection Guide
Live-Loading Equalizer Max. Net Wt.
Model Vessel Conn Gage Conn Option Tube Pressure Per Set
SG660 ¾"-2500Lb. RF Flange ½"-2500Lb.RJ Flange NO -- 3000PSI 30Lbs
SG677 ¾"-Female Socket Weld ½"-2500Lb.RJ Flange YES NO 3000PSI 27Lbs
SG677E ¾"-Female Socket Weld ½"-2500Lb.RJ Flange YES YES 3000PSI 27Lbs
SG760 ¾"-900Lb. Lg. Male Flg ¾"OD Nipple YES NO 1500PSI 23Lbs
SG777 1½"-Female Socket Weld ½"-2500Lb.RJ Flange YES NO 2500PSI 27Lbs
SG777E 1½"-Female Socket Weld ½"-2500Lb.RJ Flange YES YES 2500PSI 27Lbs
SG6778 1½"-Female Socket Weld ¾"OD Nipple YES NO 1500PSI 18Lbs
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