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Clark Reliance Fiber Level

  • Features Minimal Maintenance Plus Easy, Versatile Installation.
  • Excellent Alternative to Complex Mirror or Electrical (TV) Monitoring Equipment.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Provides Reliable, Accurate Remote Level Indication.
  • For Steam Pressures to 3000 psi @ 700° F
  • Available in 5 to 10 Port Models, Weatherproof for Exterior Installation


The Clark-Reliance FiberLevel level gage system operates as a dual bi-color gage viewing system which uses two separate indicating techniques. At the boiler, direct (right angle) readings are indicated by a Clark-Reliance Simpliport® gage. A fiber optic cable then transmits the Simpliport indication to a remote location. There the reading is displayed on a wall- or panelmounted fiber optic viewer. At both locations, steam is indicated by red color and water is indicated by green color.

Transmission of level readings with a fiber optic cable results in unusually simple and highly reliable remote equipment. The fiber optic components are totally passive with no outside power source employed. Nor are any electrical or moving mechanical parts involved. As a result, once the fiber optic system is placed in operation, its performance is free of downtime unless components are physically damaged.

FiberLevel is available in six model sizes with a maximum standard visibility of 22-1/8 with additional visibility possible upon request. Fiber optic cable can span a maximum 300 feet when the right angle feature is included, or 500 feet without. The fiber optic components can be field-installed on Simpliports now in service.

Easy-To-View Direct And Remote Readouts. Red Is Steam, Green Is Water
Part of the FiberLevel system is the Clark-Reliance Simpliport gage operating on the fundamental principle of light refraction. Light does not refract through water on the same line that light refracts through steam. Using precisely calculated placement of light source, colored glass filters and gage glass, Simpliport unerringly indicates red opposite boiler steam and green opposite boiler water. Fiber optic strands with special lenses, focused on Simpliport's colors, transmit these colors to a remote location and produce a duplicate readout.
FiberLevel Design Values Provide Outstanding System Efficiency, Exceptional Reliability

Simpliport Direct Reading Gage Is Time Tested, Proven Performer For over two decades, Simpliport has earned superior marks world wide for low maintenance, installation versatility and product reliability. Design features include tightly spaced gage ports for maximum level reading precision, brilliant illumination and quality construction for long service life.

Simpliport also offers a unique low-maintenance advantage. Gage port replacement is achieved using port assembly modules. Loosening a single nut allows easy and rapid service.

Simpliport is industry's premium bi-color gage; extremely strong, lightweight, accurate and durable.

Fiber Optic Cable Allows Easy Remote Viewer Installation

Containing individual fiber strands, one per gage port, cable may be installed in present cable trays, conduits or ducts. Cable may also be installed "as is" on flat walls and ceilings. Install indoors or outdoors.  Though cable is specially sheathed within a nylon cover, it remains flexible and permits a 12" bending radius.

Secured in the FiberLevel assembly with strain-relief connectors, the cable will withstand a wide range of ambient boiler conditions on its way to the remote viewer. Temperatures may range between -4°F. to +203°F. Light signals inside the cable are not influenced by electromagnetic interference.

Remote Viewer Adapts To Panel Or Wall Mounting
Ideal viewing of the fiber optic remote viewer is from the direct front at eye height. For panel mounting, a small 25-5/8" by 10-1/8" cutout will contain the compact and attractive viewer. Optimum readout intensity is aided by recessed ports that diminish the effect of ambient light sources. The viewer features fixed-focus connections to minimize the need for viewer dismantling once installed.
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