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Clark Reliance Conductivity Probes

  • Traditional Conductivity Probes
  • Brazed Conductivity Probes (retrofitable)
  • Compression-Type Brazed Conductivity Probes

Custom Probe LengthsClark Reliance now offers a full selection of conductivity probes to meet your specifications. In 1959, we developed and introduced the conductivity probe technology to the industry, for boiler drum level applications. Now, we have added brazed and compression-type probes as options for our conductivity probe level instrumentation systems, which include Water Columns, Electro Eye-Hyes, Turbine Water Induction Protection systems, and Levalarms. With the most extensive field experience and knowledge in this business, Clark-Reliance now offers a complete selection of brazed conductivity probes.

Probe Repairability. System economy is enhanced by the availability of off the shelf Probe Repair Kits.  Replaceable parts include gaskets and other components that are susceptible to routine wear factors over extended periods of time.  (Available for ZG and FG probes).

Model T Probe (above) For Pressures To 450psi (Teflon Insulated)
Model V Probe (above) For Pressures To 1000psi (Teflon Insulated)
Model ZG Probe (above) For Pressures To 1800psi (Zirconium Oxide Insulated)
Model FG Probe (above) For Pressures To 3000psi (Zirconium Oxide Insulated)
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Our line of brazed probes offer one piece construction with high reliability for harsh applications or boilers that cycle frequently. These probes are manufactured to the highest quality standards.  Each probe is tested with 3 separate methods, to ensure reliability for a wide range of boiler applications, with variable water chemistry.
Clark Reliance Conductivity Probe
ZBRZ020 Probe with 2 Gaskets for EL450 to EL1800 Electrolev
Clark Reliance Probe
FSB Type Brazed Compression Type Probe with replacement Coupling Nut for ESB Series Electrolevs or TWIP
Clark Reliance Probe
FBRZ Type Probe for Electrolevs or TWIP's replaces FG031RK
Click to openProbe Design Undergoes Continuing Evaluation And Performance Analysis

*** Probe Length measured from gasket surface of Probe fitting body. The 1st two digits indicate length in whole inches, 3rd digit indicates additional one-eighths of an inch.

Example: T236 is a T-Probe that is 23-6/8" in length.