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DR-1 - Remote Digital Display

Remote digital displays with 4 1/2 digits for flow rate and 8 digits for totalization. Includes scaled, open collector output for remote totalizer. Numeric password protection prevents unauthorized access to menu. The easy to read menu prompts make the DR-1 so easy to program. An isolated scaled pulse output is available for hook up to a remote totalizer.

This remote digital display can be used with our 4-wire transmitter linear signal (Option W) as well as our 2-wire transmitter square root signal (Option W2, and W3) both provide 4-20mA signal Output which is proportional to flow rate, the digital display requires a 24Vdc power supply which can be purchased separately (PS-24 Power Supply) . The W2 and W3 requires a square root extraction at the receiving end.

  • 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 Digit Rate Display (Selectable)
  • 8 Digit Totalizer Display
  • 16 Bit A/D Resolution
  • Isolated Scaled Pulse Output
  • Password Protection of Menu and Totalizer
  • Linear or Square Root Input Capable
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Power Input:
  • 100mA, 24Vdc power supply (Not Included)
  • Internal Battery (Setup & totalizer memory storage only)
  • 3 V 250mA -H Lithium (2 yr. Standby life)


Rate Display: (selectable decimal)
  • 3.5 or 4.5 Digits (selectable), 0.35" High, display updates once every two seconds.
  • Rate Descriptor: /SEC, /MIN, /HR, or Blank
Totalizer Display: (selectable decimal)
  • 8 Digit (99999999), 0.2" High
  • Totalizer Descriptors: GAL, LIT, FT3, M3 or "blank"
  • Low Battery Error Detection: "BAT" descriptor
  • Under / Over range Indication: Flashing display


Operating Temperature
  • -4ºF (-20ºC) to +158ºF (70ºC)
  • 0-90% Noncondensing

0.1% Full Scale Resolution, ± 1 Count

Temperature Drift:
  • 50 ppm/ºC Typical
  • 200 ppm/ºC Worst Case

Listing: CE Compliant


Signal Inputs:
  • Full Scale Range: 4 to 20 mA DC
  • Loop Voltage Drop: 6 Volts Maximum
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Current Protection to 60 mA
  • 16 Bit resolution; 1 sample every 2 seconds
  • Low cutoff supplied to inhibit indications at low flow rates
Reset Inputs:
  • Internal Pullup Resistor: 100 kΩ to ± 3 VDC
  • High (logic 1): Open or 3-30 VDC
  • Low (logic 0): Less than .5 VDC
  • Minimum On: 25 msec
Pulse Output:

The pulse output advances with the least significant digit of the totalizer

Type: Opto-isolated open collector transistor

  • Max. voltage (off state): 30 VDC
  • Current (on state): 5 mA @ .9 V drop, .1 mA @ .7 drop
  • Pulse Duration: 15 msec
  • Pulse Output Rate: 25 CPS max.
  • Pulse output divider: User selectable. ÷ 1, ÷ 10, ÷ 100 or off
Calibration & Operation:
  • Input Scaling: Via front keypad
  • Decimal Point: Via front keypad
  • Reset Input: Via front keypad or remote dry contact closure
  • Keypad: 4 tactile feedback keys

Password: Unauthorized menu changes can be prevented by entering a user selectable password (5 digit number). Jumper: An internal jumper shunt is provided for applications requiring a sealed menu and totalizer lockout. Install the jumper to enable the lock.


PS-24 Power Supply

This module converts unregulated AC to regulated DC output. A compact supply to power various DC operated peripherals and input / output modules on PLC's or transmitter options W, X, Y, Z or W2, W3 and RW3.  The PS-24 module converts 115VAC to DC. The PS-24 can deliver 100mA of regulated 24VDC for transmitters running on 24VDC.  Input Power: 115 or 230VAC 50/60 Hz (external fuse recommended).

  • Screw Terminal Connection
  • 100mA of Regulated Power at 24Vdc
  • 115 Volts 50/60 Hz Input
  • Easily Mounted
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