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Temperature Controllers
Temperature/Process Controllers
Temperature Switches
Temperature Indicators
Temperature Transmitters
Temperature Sensors
Temperature/Humidity Transmitters
Temperature Controllers
Analog Setpoint Temperature Controller - Series 1400
1/16 DIN. Compact & low cost. See Picture
Temperature Controller - Series 1500
1/16 DIN, Microprocessor Based, Self ® PID See Picture
Temperature/Process Controller - Series 8500
1/8 DIN, Horizontal or Vertical Format. Microprocessor Based, Fully Programmable, Self-Tune® PID See Picture
Temperature/Process Controller - Series 2500
1/4 DIN Microprocessor Based. Fully Programmable, Self Tune® PID. See Picture
Temperature/Limit Controller - Series 16L
1/16 DIN, FM Approved
Temperature/Process Controllers
Temperature/Process Controller - Series 16S
1/16 DIN, Fuzzy Logic, Ramp/Soak Function
Temperature Controller - Series D16A
1/16 DIN, Microprocessor Based, Fully Programmable, Universal Input, Fuzzy Logic, Self Tune® PID See Picture
Temperature/Process Controller - Series 8600
1/8 DIN Microprocessor Based, Fully Programmable, Includes Self-Tune® PID, Fuzzy Logic Software See Picture
Temperature/Process Controller - Series 2600
1/4 DIN Microprocessor Based, Fully Programmable Includes Selft-Tune® PID, Fuzzy Logic Software See Picture
Loop Alarms™ - Series 1090/1290/1490
Accept Inputs from Thermocouples, RTDs or Voltage See Picture
Thermocouple Limit/Alarm Switch Module Series SC1090/SC1290/SC1490
Two Form C (SPDT) Switches, Small Size, Mounts Easily on 35 mm DIN Rail See Picture
Temperature Switches
Immersion Temperature Control - Series FM
Visible setpoint adjustment, adjustable deadband See Picture
Temperature Switches - Series DA-7035-N
Bulb and Capillary type in 9 standard ranges. See Picture
Bi-metal Air Temperature Switches - Series M-51
Double adjustable, heavy duty, universal mounting, automatic reset See Picture
Remote Reading Thermometer with Switch - Model RRT
3 1/4" Dial, Liquid Actuated Bulb and Capillary Type See Picture
Temperature Indicators
Smart Indicator/Transmitter - Series 1300
Universal Inputs, Alarms/Analog Retransmission Outputs See Picture
Temperature Panel Meter - Model PM706
Dual Alarm, Relay and Analog Output. See Picture
Temperature Transmitters
Temperature Transmitters - Series 4130/4151
Linearized, Isolated 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC Outputs Choose Thermocouple or RTD Inputs See Picture
Temperature Transmitter - Series 650
4-20 mA signal. Two wire operation. Temperatures from -55° to +180°C. See Picture
Temperature Transmitter - Series 651
RTD or Thermocouple Input, Zero and Span Adjust, Linearized 4-20 mA Signal See Picture
Line Voltage Thermostats - Series 860 -- REPLACED BY Series 862E
Built-in thermometer, heavy duty construction See Picture
Explosion-Proof, Heavy-Duty Thermostat - Series 862E
Line or Low Voltage, Heating or Cooling
Temperature Sensors
Wireless Temperature Monitor - Model WMS 10
Channels, °F or °C, Large Dual Display See Picture
Infrared Temperature Probe - Series IT
For Type J or K Thermocouple Meters, Noncontact See Picture
Resistance Temperature Detector - Series RTD
Low cost precision platinum temperature sensors, 316SS sheath. Rated 250 PSIG. 200°C or 550°C range. DIN std. (.00385 ohms/ohm°C) See Picture
Mini Infrared Thermometer - Model MIR1
Laser Sighting, Measure Temperatures Up to 600°F (315°C) See Picture
Bimetal Thermometers - Series BT
2", 3" or 5" Dial, Dual Scale, ±1% FS Accuracy, External Reset. See Picture
Infrared Thermometer Expanded - Series IRE
16-Point Laser Sighting Circle, ± 1 Accuracy, Numeric and Graphical Display See Picture
Infrared Thermometer - Series IR400 and IR500
12:1 Distance-to-Target, Laser Sighting
Infrared Thermometer - Series IR600 and IR700
30:1 or 50:1 Distance-to-Target, 8-Point Laser Sighting, 12-Point Datalogging, Adjustable Emissivity
Waterproof Thermometer - Model WT-10
Stainless Steel Stem, Max/Min Recall, Auto Off
Infrared Thermometer - Model IRM20
6:1 Distance-to-Target, Laser Sighting
Digital Thermocouple Thermometer - Model TC10
3-1/2 Digit Display, ±0.3% Accuracy, Accepts Type K
Surface Mount Thermometer - Model ST250
2" Dual Scale Dial, ±2% Full Scale Accuracy See Picture
Digital Thermometer - The PT500
The PT500 is designed to meet specific needs in the food service, industrial, HVAC, laboratory, and scientific markets.. See Picture
Temperature/Humidity Transmitters
Temperature/Humidity Transmitter - Model HU
0 to 100% RH, ±2% Accuracy, NEMA 4X (IP56) Enclosure
Hazardous Area Humidity/Temperature Transmitter - Series HHT
Intrinsically Safe or Explosion-Proof Models
Explosion-Proof RTD Temperature Transmitter - Series TTE
User Selectable Ranges, Optional LCD Display
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