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Dwyer Test Equipment - Index of Products

Ground Continuity
Switch Tester
Handheld CO Analyzer - Model 1205A-5
Dual-Line Alpha-Numeric Display, Auto Calibration
Handheld CO/CO2 Gas Analyzer - Model 1205B
Measures Indoor Air Quality, Includes Sampling Probe with Hose
Digital Pocket Size Carbon Monoxide Meter - Model 450A-1
Measures Up To 999 ppm, Audible Alarm
Handheld Flue Gas Analyzer - Series 1207
RS232 Output, Stores 150 Readings, 11 Pre-Programmed Fuels
Handheld Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer - Model 1207A
Rotary Dial Selection, Display 4 Parameters Simultaneously
Multi-Cal Benchtop Calibrator - Series MC6
Inter-changeable Ranges, ±0.5% Accuracy, Datalogging Capability, NIST Tracable
Multi-Cal Pressure Calibrator - Series MC
Interchangable Ranges, ±0.5% Accuracy, Datalogging Capability, NIST Tracable
Process Calibrator - Model CAL30
Programmable, Measures and Generates DC Voltage, mV and Current
RTD Calibrator - Model CAL20
Measures and Simulates Common RTDs, Programmable
Smart Loop Calibrator - Model LC21
Measures and Generates Milliamps, Auto-Stepping, Auto-Ramping
Thermocouple Calibrator - Model CA10
Accepts Type K Thermocouples, High/Low Alarm, Selectable Resolution
Thermocouple Calibrator - Model CA20
Accepts Type J Thermocouples, High/Low Alarm, Selectable Resolution
Thermocouple/Process Calibrator - Model CAL10
Measures and Simulates Thermocouples, Voltage and Current, Programmable
Thermocouple/Process Indicator - Model UPT1000
Digital, Microprocessor Based, Programmable Resolution
Ground Continuity
SAFE-T-OHM® Shoe Tester - Model M
For Electrostatic Dissipating (ESD) Footwear
Explosion-proof, Intrinsically Safe, Ground and Continuity Control
Switch Tester
Proximity Switch Tester - Model A-800
For 2, 3 or 4 Wire DC Switches
 Model 471B Thermo-Anemometer Test Instrument
 Measures Air Velocity or Air Volume and Temperature Simultaneously
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