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Flotect has been providing good quality flow instrumentation at a low cost for many years. This page offers a quick overview of our products to assist you in finding the right flow switch, flow transmitter, level switch and/or level transmitter for your needs. Our superior flow switches are magnetically actuated eliminating bellows and seal wear. Wearing on bellows and seals can lead to leaks and other problems.
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Flotect V4 Flotect V6 Flotect V6 Low Flow
Flotect V4 Flow Switch Flotect V6 Flow Switch Flotect V6 Low Flow Switch
Flotect Model V7 Flotect V8 Flotect V8
Flotect V7 Flow Switch Flotect V8 Flow Switch Flotect V8 WP Flow Switch
Flotect V10 Flotect V12 Flotect Model L4
Flotect V10 Flow Switch Flotect V12 Flow Switch Flotect L4 Level Switch
Flotect Series L6 Flotect L8 Flotect L10
Flotect L6 Level Switch Flotect L8 Level Switch
*Also See Our Line of PEECO Flow Switches
    Flotect L10 Level Switch