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Dwyer Model 1430 Microtector® Portable Electronic Point Gage

Accurate to ±.00025" w.c., Battery Operated, Self-Contained

Fast, accurate pressure measurements at moderate cost. Combines modern, solid state integrated circuit electronics with the time proven point gage manometer. Delivers repeatable accuracy in measuring positive, negative or differential pressures to ±.00025" water column over a 0 to 2" w.c. range. Metric model M1430 reads from 0-50 mm w.c. Calibrates other instruments. Provides high precision for test laboratories of manufacturers of fans, air conditioning and heating equipment, pneumatic or fluidic controls, etc. Used in college, university and consultant laboratories — wherever precision measurements are required. Used with pitot tube (at extra cost) for precision measurement of low air velocities. Measures positive, negative or differential pressures to 2.0" w.c. Easy to maintain and clean. Battery replacement and instrument cleaning are quick and simple-use mild soap and water. Indicating fluid consists of distilled water and a small amount of Dwyer A-126 Fluorescein green color concentrate. Max. press. 100 psig (6.89 bar).

Microtector® kit includes everything needed:
Microtector® Gage – A Durablock® solid, precision machined acrylic plastic body, mounted on heavy, 1/2" thick steel base, 3-point base mounting has two leveling screws and level vial for quick setup.
Gage Meter – Sensitive 0-50 microamp D.C. meter acts as detector. Powered by 1-1/2 volt penlight cell (included). No external power needed. Meter also indicates battery and hook probe condition.
Electronic Circuitry – Solid state integrated circuit electronic components are mounted on glass epoxy board enclosed in a molded styrene acrylonitrile compartment for protection. A.C. Detector current eliminates hook plating.
Micrometer – Adjusts point with precision. Complies with Federal Specification GGG-C-105C and is traceable to a master at the NIST.
Dwyer Gage Fluid - 3/4 oz. Non-toxic concentrate of fluorescein green color, wetting agent and distilled water. Use with distilled water.
Accessories – Two 3-foot lengths of tygon tubing, two 1/8" pipe thread adapters, micrometer wrench and crocus cloth for cleaning point.
Carrying Case-Cover – Rugged sheet steel, gray finish. Carrying handle and latches. Complete instructions included.
Popular Models:
Model Number Range
 1430 0-2" w.c.
 M1430 0-50 mm w.c.
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