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Dwyer Series 616D

Differential Pressure Transmitter
Mounts on 35 mm DIN Rail

Dwyer Series 616DThe Dwyer Series 616D Differential Pressure Transmitter senses the pressure of air and compatible gases and sends a standard 4-20 mA output signal. The 616D housing is specifically designed to mount on a 35 mm DIN rail in a panel. This mounting style allows for several units to be mounted closely together reducing required space. A wide range of models are available factory calibrated to specific ranges as listed in the Popular Models chart. The span and zero controls are for use when checking calibration. They are not intended for re-ranging to a significantly different span. Versatile circuit design enables operation in 2-wire current loops.

Service: Air and non-combustible, compatible gases.
Wetted Material: Consult with us
Accuracy: ± 1% F.S. /yr.
Stability: ±1% F.S. at 70°F
Temperature Limits: 20 to 120° F (-6.67 to 48.9 °C)
Pressure Limits: See chart
Thermal Effect: ±0.055% F.S. /°F (0.099% F.S./°C
Power Requirements: 10-35 VDC (2-wire)
Output Signal: 4-20 mA
Zero and Span Adjustments: Potentiometers for zero and span
Loop Resistance: DC: 0-1250 ohms maximum
Current Consumption: DC: 38 mA maximum
Electrical Connections: Screw-type terminal block
Process Connections: 1/8" female NPT.  Accessories included are 2 barbed fittings for 1/8" (3.12 mm) and 3/16" (4.77 mm) I.D. rubber or vinyl tubing.
Mounting Orientation: Vertical, on a 1.378" (35 mm) DIN rail
Weight: 4.8 oz (136 g)
Stocked Models: (in bold)
Model No. Range Max. Pressure Model Range Max. Pressure
616D-1 0-3 in w.c. 5 psig 616D-10 0-30 psid 58 psig
616D-2 0-6 in w.c. 5 psig 616D-11 0-50 psid 150 psig
616D-3 0-10 in w.c. 5 psig 616D-12 0-100 psid 150 psig
616D-4 0-20 in w.c. 11 psig 616D-13 0-12 ft w.c. 29 psig
616D-5 0-40 in w.c. 11 psig 616D-14 0-20 ft w.c. 58 psig
616D-6 0-100 in w.c. 29 psig 616D-3B 1.5-0-1.5 in w.c. 5 psig
616D-7 0-200 in w.c. 29 psig 616D-6B 3-0-3 in w.c. 5 psig
616D-8 0-10 psid 58 psig 616D-10B 5-0-5 in w.c 5 psig
616D-9 0-20 psid 58 psig 616D-20B 10-0-10 in w.c. 11 psig
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