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Dwyer Series VG Digital Vacuum Gage

Displays in 7 Different Engineering Units, Alpha Numeric Display

Suitable for field or laboratory use the Series VG Digital Vacuum Gage delivers high precision at a low price. It can accurately read vacuum from 12,000 microns down to 0 and has a wide temperature range. The large LCD can be displayed in user selectable units, milliTorrs, PSI, millibars, microns, Inches of Hg and Pascals. The gage features a cleanable sensor, auto shut off, a built-in hanger and operates on a standard 9 volt battery.

Physical Data:
Vacuum Range: 0-12,000 microns, (0-1600 Pascals) with vacuum increasing/decreasing indicating when above 12,000 microns.
Accuracy: ±10% of F.S.
Overpressure: 500 psi max. (34 bar)
Operating Temperature Range: 35 to 125°F (1.7 to 51°C)
Sensor Type: Thermistor
Pressure Connection: Standard 1/4" flare fitting
Housing: ABS plastic
Power Supply: Standard 9 volt battery (not included)
Auto Shut-off: After 10 minutes when vacuum is reading above 12,000 microns
Weight: 6.7 oz (0.23 g)
Stocked Model:
Model VG12 Digital Vacuum Gage
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