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Dwyer Series DS-7300 Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches

Hermetically Sealed Snap Action Switch, Visible Setpoint, Fixed Deadband

The Series DS-7300 Bourdon Tube Pressure Switch features a SPDT hermetically sealed snap action switch for applications where mercury is not acceptable. Hermetically sealed snap switches are an environmentally friendly alternative to mercury tube switches while still providing the improved performance of sealed contacts in industrial applications. The series DS combines extremely high sensitivity and great repeatability with an easily adjustable set point featuring an external adjustment and visible calibrated dial.

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Pressure Range: Models range from 0 to 30" Hg (0 to 762 mm Hg) Vac up to 800 to 8000 psig (55.16 to 551.6 bar).
Maximum Temperature: 180°F (82°C) for higher temperature media applications, a remote connection or siphon (pigtail) should be used.
Pressure Connections: 1/4" NPT standard; 1/2" NPT on ranges 15S and 16S.
Housing: General Purpose, pressed steel with transparent cover. Weatherproof or Explosion-proof enclosures are available - contact factory.
Wiring Connections: Three-screw type.
Wetted Parts: Same as Bourdon tube material.
Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) standard; 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) weather-proof; 8 lbs. (3.6 kg) explosion-proof.
Maximum Pressure: Maximum adjustment of operating range.
Repeatability: ±1.5% of full operating range.
Stock Models:
Bourdon Tube Material Adjustabel Operating Range* Fixed Deadband (psig)
 DS-7331-153-2  Brass  0-30" Hg. Vac  5"Hg
 DS-7331-153-1  Brass  1/8-15  3
 DS-7331-153-3A  Brass  1/8-20  3
 DS-7331-153-4  Brass  1-35  3
 DS-7331-153-5  Brass  2-60  3
 DS-7331-153-6  Brass  5-100  3.75
 DS-7331-153-7  Brass  5-150  5.25
 DS-7331-153-8  Brass  10-200  6.75
 DS-7331-153-9  Brass  10-300  9
 DS-7321-153-5S  403SS  2-60  4.5
 DS-7321-153-6S  403SS  5-100  5.25
 DS-7321-153-8S  403SS  10-200  7.125
 DS-7321-153-9S  403SS  10-300  10.5
 DS-7321-153-10S  403SS  25-600  18
 DS-7321-153-12S  403SS  100-1500  52.5
 DS-7321-153-15S  403SS  500-5000  300
 DS-7341-153-24E  316SS  10-150  6.75
 DS-7341-153-9E  316SS  10-300  12